Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Speedy Claxton

T & H brought a teeny tiny turtle home from their Nana's house the other day. It was the most beautiful color green I have ever seen. It was most likely a brand new baby turtle because it couldn't have been more than 2 inches long. It was a red eared slider - thank you google images. But, when I looked up how to take care of a turtle it said that most baby turtles carry Salmonella-yuck! I immediately made the boys wash, no wait, scrub their hands to rid them of the evil death virus!

We decided that we would let Speedy Claxton roam free in the backyard and hoped that Allie wouldn't eat him. It was a monumentous occasion to let him go. We carefully placed him on a tuft of green grass and he immediately tried to burrow down into the green jungle of bermuda.

We took pictures of Speedy Clax, Clax, Claxton as we said our Goodbyes.

The crazy little fact about this is that 4 days later T & H were playing around a new house about 4 houses down and they found him......we actually made it about 300 feet in 4 days....all right Speedy!