Monday, September 13, 2010

Oklahoma Skies

This morning we woke up to the most beautiful skies.  This is what I love about Oklahoma!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love that OU Football

Today we went to see our Oklahoma Sooners whoop up on Florida State.  It was a great game and the hottest one I think I've ever sat through.  I had to go down under the stands and get an extra water during the 3rd quarter.  I was sweating to death and it was getting unbearable.  I think the heat index was around 103 today-yuck!
Mr. H and I went with his best buddy Chad, whom I love dearly! He's like a brother to me and we spend the entire day giving each other's our favorite thing to do, mouth one another-ha!

Chad had to ride in the backseat-I called shotgun first!
My favorite part of the pregame-watching the drum major
Sooner Schooner-the ponies Boomer and Sooner made a lap around the middle of the field when OU makes a touchdown
This year we got to watch the team come onto the field from the locker rooms on the jumbo tron-fun stuff!
This is a mansion on Sooner Road in Oklahoma City-we pass it every weekend and I love it.  It's gorgeous!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poor, Poor Puppy

Last night Small Fry was sitting on the floor loving on his dog Allie when he yelled to me in the kitchen,  "Mom, Allie's bleeding on her ear!"

I went into the living room to look at her and she had scratched a place on her ear that felt like a fluid filled cyst.  When I felt it, she sort of winced and moved her head.  I didn't like how it looked so I made her an appointment with our vet for this afternoon at one. 

When the vet looked at it, he said he thought it was a hematoma, or a blood clot.  He tried to drain it with a needle but said it was already clotted and he'd need to remove it.  I kept it together but was really nervous because I'm always scared for the vet to put her to sleep for anything.

He told me the surgery would only be about 15 minutes and to come back to get her around 3pm.  I waited until the boys got home and went to pick her up with their help.

When the vet walked her into the room, she looked so sad.  He said he thought she was a little depressed because of the cone.  She was confused and didn't want to walk so he carried her to the car.  He told us she actually had a little mass with the blood clot so he needed to cut a bigger piece of the cartilage out,  but it was stitched up and should grow back together.  Ugh. Yuck.

We got home about an hour ago and she's finally starting to perk up a little but keeps trying to scrape the cone off with her paw.  She just looks and acts so pitiful it breaks my heart.  Her ear is sticking straight up because it's wrapped with's pretty silly looking!

I hope she heals up quickly.  She's our little baby and we don't like it when she's not herself.

Her poor ear wrapped in green gauze
Laying on the pallet I made her
Poor pitiful me!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun Artwork-Boys Bathroom

This morning the remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine are coming through Oklahoma producing buckets of rainfall.  I was going to venture to the mall today and visit my favorite makeup counter, Mac, but felt too lazy and just stayed home.  Our small town floods sometimes in heavy rain and it becomes a pain to get back into town if you've been in the big city.  The flooding only happens at the crossroads of the two roads coming into town.  I know, I know, thank the wonderful city planners around here.  You would think that would have been corrected long ago but I guess not. 

I decided I wanted to put some artwork in the boys bathroom.  After spending days looking through blogs, I decided to just put up pictures of their most prized possession....their puppy dog, Allie.  I found three dollar store frames and painted them a cool blue color since their bathroom is blue and green.  I then remembered that I had bought some doggy scrapbook paper a while back.  Perfect! 

I took some chipboard letters and spelled out her name against a pretty green piece of paper. 

I framed two of their favorite pictures of Allie and glued them against the adorable doggy scrapbook paper.  They turned out so cute!  The boys were thrilled!!!  When they came in from school and I could hear them both say, "Awwww!"

The pic isn't centered above the towel rack-noticed it after I took the pic-ha!
Is that not the cutest puppy in the world?!
I'm also slowly but surely bringing out the Fall decorations.  Most of it is in the garage in totes.  At least my dining room looks a little more Fall like!

That wooden bowl was my first antique purchase in 1994-I love it!

I also brought an old wooden school chair from my Mom's house for a place to hold the boys backpacks and hoodies after school.  It's an old college chair from the University of Oklahoma.  I know that only from the little plaque on the back.  The boys love it because they are major OU football fans.

Please disregard the box in this photo-it's holding my future garage sale items.
I found a few blogs today that I simply have to check them out!

Love her Montessori-style crayon holders!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Scrimmage

Tater Tot had his first soccer scrimmage this past weekend.  His team moved up to 14 Under which means some of his eleven year old teammates will be playing against fourteen year olds.  It should be interesting this season; either we'll do really well or it'll be a learning experience-ha!

Small Fry and I sat in the sunshine watching big brother scrimmage against their cousin Taylors team.  Our coach has two teams, Tater Tots team and a 16 Under girls team.  They don't mind scrimmaging against girls because trust me, girls can be very tough when it comes to soccer.  The goalie for the girls team is my niece and it was hilarious watching Tater Tot and her play against each other.  At one point, Tater Tot was going towards the goal against his cousin and they both ran straight at each other pushing and shoving, then eventually fell onto each other and flipping over. It was so funny and everyone was laughing because you could definitely see the competition in our family.  They wrestle and rough house all the time at home, why not the soccer field too?

Why do kids like to make faces when you want a cute pic?

Tater going toward the ball and his cousin in the goal
Listening to the coach at half-time
I thought this pic was cool-Small Fry was playing around with his cousins goalie gloves and soccer ball while the team listens to the coach

My beautiful niece-she had just hurt her arm but was still smiling!

After the scrimmage, we had plans to go over to our friends house for dinner.  We had to stop by good ol' Walmart to pick up some dessert.  I swear I live at this place and I really don't like Walmart.....the store drives me nuts. 

Since it's the only place in our town to grocery shop, I'm pretty stuck until I've set aside enough time to drive to another town.  Ugh.

We had a great time this past weekend and it was nice and relaxing.  Just what I need this last week before I start my new part-time job at my insurance agents office. 

I might just nap everyday since it's going to be rainy and stormy.  The remnants of Tropical Storm or Hurricane Hermiane are traveling to Oklahoma and we're expecting up to 6 inches of rain.  Awesome lazy day weather!