Monday, February 15, 2016


Today the boys were home from school since its President's Day. Hunter spent the day laying around with the puppies, watching Netflix and YouTube. Tyler went to his Dad's to see the Datsun 260z that he's restoring. Tyler took his friend Kyle C. while Hunter stayed home. Then Tyler came home and helped his friend Denton cut down a tree. He was paid in donuts, a teenage boys dream. 

I got home from work and we decided to go to Sonic to eat since Jim was gone to Chapter and Council. The hotdogs were a dollar tonight. Score! I, however, went to Taco Bueno to get a bean burrito. Score again!

Tonight we've been lazy sitting around watching TV. Tyler actually sat and watched the Grammy's for a little bit with me. It's fun sitting around with the boys just goofing around. That's kind of scarce since Tyler drives now. 

Rule breakers.

Happy Heart Day

Jim thinks he's funny pouting while I want to take a cute picture.

Hunter and his Nana
Tyler thinks he's funny brushing his curly hair out to an Afro.
We took my Momma out for lunch at Lone Star Steakhouse in Owasso for Valentine's Day. I think she really enjoyed it and liked visiting with the boys. We spent time with her at her apartment after lunch and visited for a while. It was a relaxing time and she always loved to get out and about. I came home and payed down for a little bit, then made chicken pot pie with a biscuit topping. It was good, even though Hunter told me the bottom of the biscuits were soggy. I guess you can't win them all. Ha! Our niece Madie came over to visit us before going back to OSU, which was nice. It's nice to keep in touch with her, since we don't with any of the others. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

My life