Monday, August 8, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football

Tonight was our first 7th grade football meeting.  I honestly can't believe that I have a son old enough to play school football. 

It's also the first time I'm not having to run to a sporting goods store and buy all kinds of sports uniforms, equipment.  I love it!  After so many years of buying sports equipment, it's nice to have the school supply it. 

I'm excited for Tater, he's been really working on his running and all of the drills the coaches taught him at his summer conditioning program.  I love that he has dreams and tries his hardest at any sport he undertakes!

It's also the beginning of Oklahoma Sooner football season.  To give you an idea about our family, we just sat in Mr. H's office here at home and watched all the OU Preseason workouts together as a family.  And....we loved it!  Now I'm ready for some football!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Household Notebook-Linky Party

Erin of Blue-Eyed Bride fame did a post on her household notebook so I thought I'd link up to her link party.

I've been keeping a household notebook for about three years.  It has helped me tremendously.  When I feel unorganized, I feel like my life is in total chaos. 

There are a ton of sites to find free downloadable lists and I found one of the best sites for downloading lists to help keep your home organized, as a matter of fact, that's what the site is called 
My household notebook is basically just a 3 ring binder with clear tab dividers.
The notebook is divided into the following sections:
(On each section divider I put the individual sheets that are enclosed within that section)

Phone list
Master phone directory
Emergency phone directory- doctors phone numbers-good to take out and post on the fridge when the kids are with a babysitter

Meals and Menus-
Freezer Inventory-so you don't forget everything you've frozen for future meals and the date they were frozen
Pantry Inventory-
Listing of Favorite Meals
List of Meals to Try
Monthly Menu-
Weekly Menu-

Dinner Ideas-a list of dinners that my family enjoys

Family -
a list of family members sizes, store preferences (for the tween in the family), birthdates, anniversaries
Home Management -
Master list of home improvement projects, list of dates and when certain household things need to be done (change air filters)
Planning -
birthday party ideas, vacation planning, list of blogs I love, best home decorating websites

Activities and School -
School calendars, newsletters, soccer roster, football roster
Sorry for the blurry pics. It's hard to take a pic of a page.
Money and Finance
Budget/spending record-very important in this economy
Bills to pay

Credit card list
Insurance Information-
I put copies of my insurance policies in a clear page protector

Home Management
Household cleaning schedule

Seasonal chore schedule
Children's chore checklist
Home inventory
Home decorating ideas
Car maintenance schedule
Magazine subscriptions


To-do lists
Scrapbook ideas/page layouts

My household notebook has been so much help. I can now tell when I have plenty of food in the pantry to menu plan. In past years, I've forgotten what was in the back of the freezer - now I don't.

I also have my Breast Cancer Awareness day-timer planner, which is invaluable to me!
 I also keep a recipe notebook that I can just grab and jot down the great recipes I see on blogs.

Chicken Roll Ups

I've been trying new recipes because I've seriously lost any originality in my cooking.  I can't think of what to make for dinner to save my life.

It's still 107 to 110 degrees here everyday so I'm very quickly hating turning on the oven or stove in the evening. 

Last night I just wanted something easy and came across this recipe on one of the "Arkansas" girls' blogs.  I can't remember which one but I know it's someone that's friends with Kelly Stamps. I read all of those girls blogs and just love them!  These were really tasty and super easy to make.  The hubs even liked them!

Read more about it at,1639,159190-225196,00.html
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2 chicken breasts
1 lg. can Pillsbury croissant biscuits
1 c. Cheddar cheese, shredded
1 can cream of chicken or cream of celery soup

Cook chicken breast until tender and debone. Mix soup, milk and 1/2 of cheese and set aside. Unroll croissant biscuit and fill with chicken and cheese. You should be able to roll 8 biscuits. Roll up croissants and place them in a casserole dish. Pour liquid mixture over croissants. Bake at 350 degrees until brown.