Sunday, September 25, 2011


I think the combination of starting a new part-time job and school starting the same week completely overwhelmed me in August.  Add to that the fact that T started middle school football this year and has to be at the fieldhouse at 6:30 in the morning everyday, and it makes for a very tired Mommy.

My new job is something I'm really enjoying.  I work in the next town as a Coordinator for a non-profit, which means I'm the one coordinating all of the awesome programs that help people like the Angel Tree, Thanksgiving dinner giveaway, Back to school supplies and the food pantry.  Talk about a job that makes you so grateful for everything you have.  I see people who've been laid off from really good jobs and because of circumstances, they are struggling.  As a former single mom, I have a soft spot for people hurled into a bad situation without any warning.  So, needless to say, I feel really good about what I'm doing and actually feel like I'm making a difference.

School is going well. Tater is in the 7th grade and Small Fry is in the 5th grade.  T loves middle school and has a ton of friends, which I'm so thankful for.  Small Fry has great teachers and loves the kids in his class.  I'm still really trying to monitor Small Fry with the homework situation and getting work turned in since we had a rough time of it last year.  I really need to stress organization before he hits the 6th grade.

They are both playing soccer this season again and are on really good teams.  Tater's team was 1st in the league last season and so was Small Fry's.  We've been on these teams now for at least three years so we are all good friends!  I love that!  Football for Tater Tot has been another story.  This is the first year and it's been an adjustment being the kid playing for the first time.  You see, Mr. H, doesn't let the boys play booster club football because he played in this town and said that some of the booster club coaches out there yelling at those kids didn't even play high school football. He doesn't want any yahoo coaches trying to teach his kids when they don't even know anything about football. 

The little funny fact about football in a small town is that Mr. H was one of the great football players in town back in the day.  He went to college on a football scholarship at a great college and he knows football.  No, he's obsessed with football.  If he wasn't an Accountant, he would be a football coach.  People from all over tell the boys and I how fast he was in high school and it makes me laugh so hard.  My brother started calling my hubby "The Legend" and now it's what we all call him.  Ha!

So, it's interesting to have T play football now for the school.  I know Mr. H wants to get right in the middle of the coaches and help but he's restraining himself and letting T learn this year.  Mr. H told him that 7th grade is just for learning and having fun, no pressure at all.  So far T is on the kickoff team and plays corner and receiver.  He plays about 4 or 5 plays a game and that makes us happy.  T is loving it and is completely obsessed with trying to get better.  I think now when we go to OU football games, he appreciates how hard it is.

Tater's soccer coach is also a Physical Therapist and has been working on his arm everyday before practice.  I think it's helping a lot and T seems to be getting a little better movement in the arm.  I know our coach Jeff really likes T and wants to be able to help him as much as possible.

To add to my stress lately, my Mom's help has been not that great lately.  She's been falling alot and none of the doctors can figure out why.  I'm scared for her to go to the store by herself so I do all of her shopping.  Somedays I feel like I have three kids, a 73 year old, a 12 year old and a 10 year old.  But, honestly, I don't mind.  My Mom needs me and I'm going to help her as much as I can.  Thank gosh she lives about three miles away from us. 

Our new puppy is seven months old now and she is adorable.  She's full of spunk and loves her little boys.  She has been driving me nuts with potty training but now that we aren't dying from the heat everyday, she's been able to stay outside and play where she can't pee on my carpet!

Other than all of that going on, Small Fry was playing football the other day and ran full speed towards someone, stepping on a big piece of mulch.  The mulch cut his foot and gave him a ton of splinters.  We've been battling the splinters and he's missed soccer for two weeks.  Last night, I had had it with the hurt foot and took him to the emergency room, where they found a 3 cm pice of mulch that had been embedded deep in his heel.  I about died.  I felt so bad for my little guy.