Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Stuff

Since I've been home a lot with my Mom, I've been on Pinterest and blog reading a lot. 

I've definitely come up with a few things that I really, really want (hubby-are you reading this???????????) Didn't mean to put that many question marks but my sweet husband spilled Coke in our keyboard so it gets stuck, and I thought it was rather appropriate!  Here's the list of the things I just must have in the near future:

1.  Project Life by Becky Higgins-A simplified scrapbook kit.  I don't have time for those complicated scrapbook layouts anymore.

(copied from Becky Higgins website)

The point is this: You can use Project Life however you want.

I can't emphasize this enough: Project Life is meant to SIMPLIFY the process of memory-keeping. If you use it at the most basic level, you are more likely to succeed in "keeping up" - if that's your goal - and you'll still have an amazing album. For inspiration on keeping it simple, please be sure to see THIS blog post.
Yes, of course you can get creative if you'd like. Many people love adding their own flair with extra embellishments, etc. We love to share inspiration and ideas. In fact, we have a whole Creative Team that is full of talented women who regularly share their amazing Project Life pages. By the way, we'd love to see more from guys and kids - trust me!
However you make this system work for you, the Core Kit has everything you need: The title cards are intended to label your layouts. The journaling cards allow you to write notes & memories to accompany your photos. The bi-fold cards are for when you have more to write. The filler cards are designed to be placed in the 3x4 pocket where you don't have a journaling card. The arrow stickers and day + number stickers are all included to label and identify journaling that accompanies the photos.

Keep it simple or get creative or maybe a little of both. This is your life, your style, your approach... your Project Life.

2.  Erin Condren planner

3.  Urban Decay - Naked Palette II - the first Naked Palette was the single best palette of eyeshadow I have ever used in my life!  I cannot wait to see this next palette of colors!

I've also found a great etsy site with the cutest home decor - Adorable!

Also this site on Etsy-Oldnewagain

You can customize your state!

I also found a great smoothie recipe for the boys smoothies in the morning.  We have to very careful what the oldest drinks before school in the morning since he has off-season football first hour.  We don't want to encourage any first hour puking while running.  This smoothie works out great because it's filling but also on the light side.
1 cup ice
1 cup frozen raspberries
1/2 plain 0% Fage Greek yogurt
1/2 cup instant oatmeal
1 banana
1 tbsp honey
1 cup of milk, we use 2%
260 calories, 2 g fat, 51.5g carbs, 7.5g fiber, 12.5 protein

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pot Roast and a Dust Storm

This has been the strangest day for January 22nd.  First of all, it's about 65 degrees outside with a 20-30 mile an hour wind.  It sounds so strange outside on our back porch.  The wind keeps whipping through the fan blades on our outdoor fan, making it whistle.  It's so creepy sounding, especially when I'm enjoying my new favorite show, Finding Bigfoot. Ha!

The wind actually blew a wind storm into our area and it looks foggy, dirty, strange outside.  I'm really surprised it hasn't messed with the 10 year olds asthma.  We even saw it block out the sun and the boys were just sitting in wonder at how odd it looked.

It was a lazy Sunday so I whipped out the trusty Crockpot and a roast I had in the freezer.  I completely ad-libbed the recipe since I never follow a recipe for pot roast.  It turned out terrific.  Here's the recipe:

Pot Roast - Serves 6

5 lb pot roast
1 small can of tomato sauce
Montreal Steak Seasoning - 1 tbsp
Montreal Burger Seasoning - 1 tbsp
1 cup of chicken broth

Just let it cook all day and add more seasoning if you think it needs it at the end of the day.  The tomato sauce makes a great gravy.  We served ours over mashed potatoes.

To change the subject, my Mom has been set up with a Home Healthcare Nurse (which is what she used to be) and a Physical Therapist.  The PT is going to work on her movement and help her with her walking so maybe she doesn't fall anymore.  The home health nurse went through my Mom's medicine and told me that the doctors in Atlanta had started her on a medicine for Parkinsons Disease.  The symptoms seem like what she's going through.  I actually found another Parkinsonian type disease that sounds even more like what's going on with her.  It's Multiple System Atrophy and she has every symptom.  I'm going to mention it to her doctor tomorrow.

This is all so confusing and stressful but I'm trying my hardest to be helpful to her and make her feel like everything is going to be ok.  I'm not sure it's going to be but I don't think my Mom knows that yet.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feeling Better

My Mom came back home yesterday and is now safe and sound at her house.  I think she's so thrilled to be home.  Unfortunately, my sister turned into the most disappointing person I've ever known and I just have zero respect for her.  At one point, I considered driving 12 hours overnight just to go rescue my Mom from her. She treated my Mom in a way that I'll never be able to forget.

I felt a relief when I knew my Mom was back home, maybe it's a control thing, maybe just a daughter thing.

I called the Doctor and he's already sent a home health nurse and physical therapist to help us.  I think that will give me some stress relief. 

I'm still going to take care of my Mom but it's nice to have some help.  I don't feel so alone in the task.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Allie II-Our White Boxer is almost a year old

A have to give an update on our puppy Allie II.  She is such a joy to have in our home.  She adores her human "pack" and wants to be near us all of the time.  She sleeps in our bed with Baylee her Beagle sister every night.  They are really best friends and always have to be together.

She's really rambunctious and I thought she would never get potty-trained but she's finally gotten the hang of it and has been a good girl for quite a while now.

Here are some pictures of how big she's gotten in the last 11 months.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Better Day

Today has been a better day than the past few.  Tator Tot had a friend spend the night last night. He's a great kid and all three boys had a fun time riding bikes and jumping ramps.  I made them tacos last night and they loved them.  This morning I got up and made them pancakes, about 15 pancakes to be exact.  Three boys can really eat some pancakes. 

I spent the morning vacuuming the house.  Why does vacuuming always make me feel better? It makes me feel really accomplished knowing that at least my floors look like I do some cleaning around here. 
After vacuuming, I did a few loads of laundry and folded clothes to put up later.  I'm having the boys put up their own clothes in color order in their closet.  We'll see if that lasts.

This afternoon, after Tator's friend went home, we went over to the next town and went shopping. I really needed some new makeup and stopped by Sephora.  I love the products I bought.  I've used them before and they are the bomb! 
Makeup Forever High Definition Foundation

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin-Great for keeping eyeshadow in place all day!

Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette-I pre-ordered.  The best set of eyeshadows ever made-hands down!

Buxom Lip Plumper in Hot Shot (a rose nude)

After my makeup purchase, the boys and I met my friend Jennifer for lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  I wish I could stay away from the chips and salsa.   That seems to be my weakness, salty foods.  I was proud that I chose to eat a grilled chicken breast with sauteed vegetables.  I'm sure it was loaded with oil though.  I hate when you think you're ordering healthy food at a restaurant and it turns out to be super high in calories.  Losing weight is the one thing I just can't seem to get a handle on. I know it's because I'm being ridiculous and not going to some form of exercise class but I just don't feel like it right now.

I'm debating about going to a Zumba class. I think that's right up my alley since I lose dance music and dancing.  I just don't want to look like an idiot doing it. Ha!

The rest of my day was spent at the hair salon where I cut about 4 inches of hair off into a nice bob. I think my hair looks a lot healthier now.  I have super fine baby hair and it just doesn't hold a style easily.  That's why I constantly have my hair in a ponytail.  I'm trying to break that habit and actually have a hairstyle working everyday.

So, to sum up my feelings this evening, I feel pretty good.  My anxiety level has been off the charts and I've really been trying to hold it together for the boys and my hubby's sake.  I haven't done very well lately.  But sitting here tonight, I feel like everything might work out.  It might be because I haven't spoken to my Mom today but I don't feel that heavy feeling in my chest right now.  I don't feel like I have a black cloud surrounding me when I walk aimlessly through the house trying to stay busy so I don't go crazy.

I think it's the haircut.  Definitely.  For me, a haircut can brighten the day everytime!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tough times

My sister recently came to Oklahoma to get my mom and take her back to Atlanta. My moms been gone 3 months and is now coming back home. The problem with that is, my Mom is having very serious health problems. We've gone to doctors for 2 years and no one can tell us why she's falling everyday. Falling sideways, not just tripping but completely losing all muscle tone and dropping. She's losing her memory and words and just not with it somedays. I think she has the beginnings of dementia and I believe it started with severe depression from my Dad being killed in a car accident 6 years ago this month. She's never been the same since.
All I want is for her to be safe and healthy. I can't seem to make that happen and it's killing me. I'm so stressed I don't even want to leave the house or do much of anything.
I'm researching assisted living facilities and hoping to find a good one in the next town. By the way, buy long term care insurance now because assisted living is close to $5,000 a month. Amazingly expensive.
I was hoping my sister would help with my Mom until we could find a place in Atlanta near great doctors but my sister is completely selfish and is sending my Mom home because she needs time with just her (grown) kids and husband she doesn't even like. I really doubt I ever have a close relationship with my sister after this. Somehow the child (me) with growing children and a full plate always seems to be the only one that can take care of our Mom. My sister is retired with a 25 and 23 year old yet can't take care of our Mom for 6 months while we figure something out. She said I owe he'd money for taking care of our Mother. Greedy and self-centered.
I'm hoping my Mom gets home and we can find her s great place to live. I'm praying something works out for us. It just has to or I might drown in my tears.