Wednesday, May 13, 2015

First real job and other stuff

Tyler got a job at Tastee Freeze last week.  He's the meatboy, which means he makes about 400 hamburger patties a day.  He works with one of his friends that he's played soccer with forever so they have a lot of fun together.  I mean, how hard can it be to make 400 hamburger patties. Ha!

He's always liked getting money and I think the love of having his own will really kick in, making him want to work really hard from now on. 

I'm getting ready to register him for the ACT test.  He's taken the prep course and I'm ordering online study materials so that should help him. I think if you make a 27 on your ACT in Oklahoma, you get to attend any college in the state free.  We would really like a 27, por favor!

Hunter is finishing the eighth grade and is really struggling with organization.  He had 29 missing assignments in two classes.  We've had a serious talk about it and he's going to work hard on keeping things together for ninth grade.  He's growing his hair out like Johnny Depp, which cracks me up.  He's so stinking cute that any hair looks good on him!

Life has been calm this past semester, the boys aren't playing a Spring sport, which, dare I say, is a wonderful thing.  No meets, games, late practices.  I love it.  After all the years traipsing to practices and games, it's nice just to have a break.  It's helped my stress level and my ability to keep from feeling worn out constantly. 

My health is getting better, my doctor prescribed a rheumatoid arthritis medicine for the pain I always had in my arms and ribs, and I haven't had it since the day I started taking the medicine.  It's a miracle.  I don't think anyone around me realizes how horrible I felt on a daily basis.  I was in constant pain but tried so hard not to show it.  I even walked three miles down our nature trail the other night....I hadn't done that in three years.  Three years!

Now I just need to get this Lupus/steroid weight off and I'd feel tremendous.  I hate how I look right now and it's definitely weighing on my self-esteem.  I'm trying to eat mainly a vegetable/fruit diet so we'll see how that goes.  I hope it helps.