Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Pics

The boys had a great time on Halloween.  This was the first year I didn't walk with them. *tear*  Tator Tot had his best friends come over and they met up with a big group of friends, including *gasp* girls.  Haha!  They all wore morphsuits, including Small Fry, and looked so funny together. 

They are complete goofballs!

Small Fry had a friend come meet him over here in our neighborhood and they went together.  Mr. H and I actually got to hand out candy this year.  We sat on the front porch with Baylee the Beagle and Allie the Boxer.  This was Allie's first Halloween and she didn't know what to think of the scary monsters coming up to her.  She did, however, love the cute little kids that came up to pet her.  I think the dogs were the hit of the night!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

He Kicks! He Scores! Victory!

This year has been the first year for Middle School football (school ball).  T has loved it!  He doesn't even mind that we have to get up super early and he has to be at the fieldhouse super early. 

Two and a half weeks ago, one of the dads on the soccer team (who also has a middle school football player) came up to Mr. H and asked why T wasn't the field goal kicker on our 7th grade team.  Mr. H told him that when they had the tryouts T was at the dentist and they never gave him another chance to try.  It's also important to note that T is the only kid on the football team thats played soccer his entire life, non-stop.  T now plays on a Under 14 team as a 12 year old.  T knows how to kick a ball.

This soccer dad, Larry, told us that he'd come get T the next day, Sunday, and take him up to the football field with him and his son, who is one of T's close buddies.  Well, they came and got T and went to the field and T loved it.  He said he did pretty good and it started a fire in him.  He wanted to try to be the kicker. 

The next day on Monday, T asked the coaches if he could tryout for the field goal kicker position and the coaches said they were busy and would let him tryout later.  Well, T asked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, game time.  The coaches were always busy.

At the game, we didn't even get the ball off the ground hardly, maybe 5 feet and never scored an extra point.  The on side kick was even muffed and the other team got the ball because it wasn't kicked 10 yards.   Granted, I love the kids on the team and the kickers just didn't have kicking experience.  It wasn't their fault.  Once again, our team lost the game.  We were 0-4 this season.

All this time, T had been either riding his bike with his brother and going to the football field and kicking every night.  Every night, even after soccer practice.  He wanted a chance so bad he could hardly stand it.  I was getting so frustrated at the coaches and disappointed that they didn't even give T a chance.

We went into the next week and we had told T just to lay low and not to ask about trying out.  The coaches had told the boys that if they bugged them about playing a position, they would be guaranteed not to play that position.  So Monday came and Tuesday came.  Nothing.

I even let T skip soccer practice on Monday because he just wanted to spend a little more time kicking at the field.  I had told T just to practice for next season since the coaches wouldn't let him do it this season.  I just wanted T to know that if he kept at it and continued to practice, something good would come out of his commitment and perseverance.

Wednesday last week I was at work and my ex-husband called me on my cell.  He never calls during the workday and it scared me so I answered.  His first question was, "Have you talked to T?"
 It terrified me and I said, "No, why??" 
He said, "He's the field goal kicker!"
WHAT??? WHAT????  He exclaimed, "He made it! He's the kicker now!" 
I could have cried I was so happy!
I called my husband and he said T had just texted him and told him, and when I looked in my messages, he had texted me too. I just hadn't seen it yet.
I almost lost it, I was so excited that he got a chance and it worked!
I had told him not to give up and it worked! It really worked!

That night T went to the field and practiced for about 3 hours.  He was so excited and was serious about this chance.  When T got home he told me that he had muffed the first 3 kicks when one of his best friends Hayden yelled from the other side of the field where his 8th grade team was practicing, "Kick it lower!"
T took the advice and made the next 7 tries, totally clearing the uprights.  T remarked that he was stunned that the coaches gave him so many tries to make it.  They also moved one of the good receivers to ball holder and together they were a great team.

I was so thankful for a friend like Hayden who was clearly watching his best buddy try out and was willing to try to give him the advice he needed to make it.

Thursday got here and it was game day.  I felt sick all day long, just praying that if T kicked he would make it. 
We asked T if he was the kickoff person and he said he hadn't tried out for that, so no he wouldn't be doing that.  I was disappointed but just happy he was kicking at some point.

I took off work an hour early to get to the game to watch them warmup.  The boys dad, my friend Jennifer, my hubby, Small Fry and I all sat together on the same row, ready for the game to start.  When it was game time, T started walking on the field and Mr H said, "He's kicking off too!" 
I almost died, at that moment, I could have actually gotten sick from excitement and sheer nerves.  I just wanted this to be me and to take the pressure off of my baby. I knew he would do good though.  He's kicked soccer balls across the soccer field for years.

T lined up and kicked a great one, about 25 yards.  I was so thrilled!  It was the best kickoff, by far, this year and everyone was cheering for Tyler.

The game started and it wasn't 15 minutes before our team made a touchdown!
Uh oh, that meant my baby was going in.
I honestly at that moment remember that everything went quiet for me.  I was so intent on watching!  I did hear people saying, "Come on T!"  It made me proud.
T lined up, went in for the kick.....and it sailed right through the goal. 
It was so pretty!
I jumped up and said, "Whooooo! Alright T!  That's how you do it!  I threw my arms up and was cheering so loud the entire 8th grade team in front of me was looking up at me.  At that moment, I thought my heart was going to burst!  I looked down and saw his buddy L and his dad Larry sitting right down below me and they were smiling so big.  Larry and I pointed at each other like, "We knew it! He did it!"

Everyone was so excited!  All of his family and friends were going crazy!  Not only had he made his first ever goal, it was the only extra points we had made all year!

I saw T walk off the field and all of his teammates were hitting his helmet and patting him on the shoulders.  It was honestly, one of my proudest moments.  I know you aren't supposed to live through your kids, but by golly, I loved it for T.  I knew it gave him so much confidence to do it again.  I just knew he wouldn't be able to wipe the smile off of his face!

A couple of the dads came over to talk to us and congratulate us.  It was amazing. 

The game ended and our team won,  8-6, meaning that T's field goal won the game for us.  He was the reason we had won.  When the boys were walking off of the field, everyone was tellling him, "Good game T!"
Also, when the receiver coach, who is usually T's coach walked off the field, my hubby walked up to him and put his arm around his shoulder and told him, "Thank you, you have made a boy very happy tonight!"  The coach said, "Why didn't he tell us he could kick?  Where has that been all this time?" 
Mr. H told him that he had asked to tryout but just hadn't been pushy enough about it, he guessed.  The coach just laughed and said, "We needed that three weeks ago!"

When the high school football coach came off the field (he is practically related to my hubby, his father is Mr. H's Godfather), the coach said, "Why hasn't he been doing this all along?  We had no idea he could kick like that!"  Coach also told us that all of the coaches had been sitting in the coaches office on Tuesday night when they saw someone kicking a football through the uprights.  They asked who it was and someone said it was T.  Right then, the coaches said he was going to be the kicker.  He was doing good. 

That right there gave me the greated thrill, you see, T didn't even have to tryout.  That's why the coach had given him so many tries.  He knew he could do it.  T just needed to settle down.

Needless to say, I have a 7th grade boy who is on a cloud right now.  He is beyond thrilled with himself and I am the one that hasn't been able to wipe the smile off of my face. 

I now am the Mom of the team kicker and I couldn't be prouder of my guy!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I think the combination of starting a new part-time job and school starting the same week completely overwhelmed me in August.  Add to that the fact that T started middle school football this year and has to be at the fieldhouse at 6:30 in the morning everyday, and it makes for a very tired Mommy.

My new job is something I'm really enjoying.  I work in the next town as a Coordinator for a non-profit, which means I'm the one coordinating all of the awesome programs that help people like the Angel Tree, Thanksgiving dinner giveaway, Back to school supplies and the food pantry.  Talk about a job that makes you so grateful for everything you have.  I see people who've been laid off from really good jobs and because of circumstances, they are struggling.  As a former single mom, I have a soft spot for people hurled into a bad situation without any warning.  So, needless to say, I feel really good about what I'm doing and actually feel like I'm making a difference.

School is going well. Tater is in the 7th grade and Small Fry is in the 5th grade.  T loves middle school and has a ton of friends, which I'm so thankful for.  Small Fry has great teachers and loves the kids in his class.  I'm still really trying to monitor Small Fry with the homework situation and getting work turned in since we had a rough time of it last year.  I really need to stress organization before he hits the 6th grade.

They are both playing soccer this season again and are on really good teams.  Tater's team was 1st in the league last season and so was Small Fry's.  We've been on these teams now for at least three years so we are all good friends!  I love that!  Football for Tater Tot has been another story.  This is the first year and it's been an adjustment being the kid playing for the first time.  You see, Mr. H, doesn't let the boys play booster club football because he played in this town and said that some of the booster club coaches out there yelling at those kids didn't even play high school football. He doesn't want any yahoo coaches trying to teach his kids when they don't even know anything about football. 

The little funny fact about football in a small town is that Mr. H was one of the great football players in town back in the day.  He went to college on a football scholarship at a great college and he knows football.  No, he's obsessed with football.  If he wasn't an Accountant, he would be a football coach.  People from all over tell the boys and I how fast he was in high school and it makes me laugh so hard.  My brother started calling my hubby "The Legend" and now it's what we all call him.  Ha!

So, it's interesting to have T play football now for the school.  I know Mr. H wants to get right in the middle of the coaches and help but he's restraining himself and letting T learn this year.  Mr. H told him that 7th grade is just for learning and having fun, no pressure at all.  So far T is on the kickoff team and plays corner and receiver.  He plays about 4 or 5 plays a game and that makes us happy.  T is loving it and is completely obsessed with trying to get better.  I think now when we go to OU football games, he appreciates how hard it is.

Tater's soccer coach is also a Physical Therapist and has been working on his arm everyday before practice.  I think it's helping a lot and T seems to be getting a little better movement in the arm.  I know our coach Jeff really likes T and wants to be able to help him as much as possible.

To add to my stress lately, my Mom's help has been not that great lately.  She's been falling alot and none of the doctors can figure out why.  I'm scared for her to go to the store by herself so I do all of her shopping.  Somedays I feel like I have three kids, a 73 year old, a 12 year old and a 10 year old.  But, honestly, I don't mind.  My Mom needs me and I'm going to help her as much as I can.  Thank gosh she lives about three miles away from us. 

Our new puppy is seven months old now and she is adorable.  She's full of spunk and loves her little boys.  She has been driving me nuts with potty training but now that we aren't dying from the heat everyday, she's been able to stay outside and play where she can't pee on my carpet!

Other than all of that going on, Small Fry was playing football the other day and ran full speed towards someone, stepping on a big piece of mulch.  The mulch cut his foot and gave him a ton of splinters.  We've been battling the splinters and he's missed soccer for two weeks.  Last night, I had had it with the hurt foot and took him to the emergency room, where they found a 3 cm pice of mulch that had been embedded deep in his heel.  I about died.  I felt so bad for my little guy. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football

Tonight was our first 7th grade football meeting.  I honestly can't believe that I have a son old enough to play school football. 

It's also the first time I'm not having to run to a sporting goods store and buy all kinds of sports uniforms, equipment.  I love it!  After so many years of buying sports equipment, it's nice to have the school supply it. 

I'm excited for Tater, he's been really working on his running and all of the drills the coaches taught him at his summer conditioning program.  I love that he has dreams and tries his hardest at any sport he undertakes!

It's also the beginning of Oklahoma Sooner football season.  To give you an idea about our family, we just sat in Mr. H's office here at home and watched all the OU Preseason workouts together as a family.  And....we loved it!  Now I'm ready for some football!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Household Notebook-Linky Party

Erin of Blue-Eyed Bride fame did a post on her household notebook so I thought I'd link up to her link party.

I've been keeping a household notebook for about three years.  It has helped me tremendously.  When I feel unorganized, I feel like my life is in total chaos. 

There are a ton of sites to find free downloadable lists and I found one of the best sites for downloading lists to help keep your home organized, as a matter of fact, that's what the site is called 
My household notebook is basically just a 3 ring binder with clear tab dividers.
The notebook is divided into the following sections:
(On each section divider I put the individual sheets that are enclosed within that section)

Phone list
Master phone directory
Emergency phone directory- doctors phone numbers-good to take out and post on the fridge when the kids are with a babysitter

Meals and Menus-
Freezer Inventory-so you don't forget everything you've frozen for future meals and the date they were frozen
Pantry Inventory-
Listing of Favorite Meals
List of Meals to Try
Monthly Menu-
Weekly Menu-

Dinner Ideas-a list of dinners that my family enjoys

Family -
a list of family members sizes, store preferences (for the tween in the family), birthdates, anniversaries
Home Management -
Master list of home improvement projects, list of dates and when certain household things need to be done (change air filters)
Planning -
birthday party ideas, vacation planning, list of blogs I love, best home decorating websites

Activities and School -
School calendars, newsletters, soccer roster, football roster
Sorry for the blurry pics. It's hard to take a pic of a page.
Money and Finance
Budget/spending record-very important in this economy
Bills to pay

Credit card list
Insurance Information-
I put copies of my insurance policies in a clear page protector

Home Management
Household cleaning schedule

Seasonal chore schedule
Children's chore checklist
Home inventory
Home decorating ideas
Car maintenance schedule
Magazine subscriptions


To-do lists
Scrapbook ideas/page layouts

My household notebook has been so much help. I can now tell when I have plenty of food in the pantry to menu plan. In past years, I've forgotten what was in the back of the freezer - now I don't.

I also have my Breast Cancer Awareness day-timer planner, which is invaluable to me!
 I also keep a recipe notebook that I can just grab and jot down the great recipes I see on blogs.

Chicken Roll Ups

I've been trying new recipes because I've seriously lost any originality in my cooking.  I can't think of what to make for dinner to save my life.

It's still 107 to 110 degrees here everyday so I'm very quickly hating turning on the oven or stove in the evening. 

Last night I just wanted something easy and came across this recipe on one of the "Arkansas" girls' blogs.  I can't remember which one but I know it's someone that's friends with Kelly Stamps. I read all of those girls blogs and just love them!  These were really tasty and super easy to make.  The hubs even liked them!

Read more about it at,1639,159190-225196,00.html
Content Copyright © 2011 - All rights reserved.
2 chicken breasts
1 lg. can Pillsbury croissant biscuits
1 c. Cheddar cheese, shredded
1 can cream of chicken or cream of celery soup

Cook chicken breast until tender and debone. Mix soup, milk and 1/2 of cheese and set aside. Unroll croissant biscuit and fill with chicken and cheese. You should be able to roll 8 biscuits. Roll up croissants and place them in a casserole dish. Pour liquid mixture over croissants. Bake at 350 degrees until brown.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coconut Curry Chicken - New Favorite!, Visits and Fishing

I found a new favorite recipe on last week and tried it for the first time this evening. 

Let me tell you - it is soooo good! And surprisingly so simple! 

Here's the recipe-you have to try it tomorrow!

Coconut Curry Chicken
  • 2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1/2-inch chunks
  • 1 teaspoon salt and pepper, or to taste
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoons curry powder
  • 1/2 onion, thinly sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1 (14 ounce) can coconut milk
  • 1 (14.5 ounce) can stewed, diced tomatoes
  • 1 (8 ounce) can tomato sauce
  • 3 tablespoons sugar


  1. Season chicken pieces with salt and pepper.
  2. Heat oil and curry powder in a large skillet over medium-high heat for two minutes. Stir in onions and garlic, and cook 1 minute more. Add chicken, tossing lightly to coat with curry oil.

3.  Reduce heat to medium, and cook for 7 to 10 minutes, or until chicken is no longer pink in center and juices run clear.                                                                                                                                  4.  Pour coconut milk, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and sugar into the pan, and stir to combine. Cover and simmer, stirring occasionally, approximately 30 to 40 minutes.               

I had to find something quick to make because we have been fishing fools lately!  Small Fry is really on the fishing kick!

My brother came to town last weekend because he had a business meeting here (he lives in Atlanta). 
 My big brother, me and our Momma (with her life alert necklace-stylin'!)
My brother with the posing baby Boxer

 When he was here, he bought the boys an airsoft gun and fishing tackle, lures, and bait.  They were so excited.

We went to our favorite neighborhood, my dream neighborhood, which is a planned community with a huge man-made lake stocked with a ton of fish.  The first time we cast into the lake, a huge fish, hooked on and broke the 30 lb. line.  That means it was a huge fish!
 The lake even had a beach for me to sit on!
 The sand was a little hot in 104 degree heat!  Had to use my sandals as heat padding.
 The boys over by the rocks fishing their hearts away.
 After an hour and a half of 104 degree heat, this is what I think.
 But originally, this was my happy face.
 One of the big fish they caught.  It was sandy 'cause it flopped around after they unhooked it.  Then we threw it back in.
 Small Fry waiting on the big one!
Tater Tot with one of the big ones!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

His New Hero

Tater Tot suffers from Erb's Palsy, the same condition Adrian Clayborn, a professional football player suffers from.  This article made me cry.  I contacted the author to tell him thanks for writing such a great piece for my son to read.  He said he had many emails from parents of kids with Erb's Palsy and told me to have my son contact him anytime he wanted. 

This is why my son will be whatever he wants to be, nothing will stop him.

Adrian Clayborn and Erb's Palsy: An Opinion From a Fellow Sufferer

Fellow Buccaneer fans, my name is Kevin, but you know me better as "Landlubber" on Bucs Nation. In addition to being a lifelong Buc fan, I also share something with our 1st round draft pick, Adrian Clayborn. I was born with Erb's Palsy in my right shoulder/arm. After the Bucs drafted Clayborn, this site--among others--was alive with speculation about his condition, as well as how it would affect his transition to the NFL. While I cant speak to his future production with any accuracy, I can give a unique perspective on what it must have taken for him to ascend to the level at which he played in college. Even more so, what a feat it is for him to go from a birth injury that forces doctors to tell the sufferer that he/she will never be "normal" or play sports, to being drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft.
First, the boring jargon. Erb's Palsy is an injury to the brachial plexus, a bundle of nerves that spans from the neck, through the shoulder, and on through the arm. These nerves allow for sensation and motor function in the corresponding limb. The injury is most commonly suffered during birth, with varying levels of consequences, the most severe of which being paralysis of the arm. In Clayborn's case, as well as mine, the result is the inability to extend the right arm fully, as well as a slight stunting of growth , both in length of the arm as well as muscle tone. A significant difference in strength in the affected arm can also occur, as it did with my injury. In lieu of risky surgery whose results are unproven, physical therapy is the only way to recover any range of motion or strength in the affected limb.
For a person whose job doesn't include intense physical altercations with 300+lb behemoths every few seconds, Erb's Palsy may not seem like a big issue. But Adrian Clayborn picked a profession in which this is his primary job description. His perseverance in athletics despite an injury that put him at a disadvantage every time he laced up his cleats is to be commended. In his post-draft interview with Suzy Kolber, Clayborn referenced, with a knowing smirk, those who told him he would never be able to play sports, but his calm demeanor did not fully reflect just how laudable an accomplishment this is. I feel an affinity with Clayborn, as I too played defensive end in high school and had to try to overcome an obstacle that, statistically speaking, none of my opponents had to deal with. I couldn't help but well up with pride in seeing Clayborn in the pewter and red, as I reflected on the difficulty of keeping up with my peers while having a built-in "handicap" that was supposed to be an insurmountable hindrance to my participation in athletics.
Playing high school football with Erb's Palsy was a day-to-day struggle to keep pace with my teammates at practice, and with my opponents on game day. Nobody--particularly a high school aged male--wants to fall behind or to admit that what is asked of him is beyond his ability. But with an injury such as Erb's Palsy, mind over matter doesn't always cut it. Competing with my peers with one good arm was no walk in the park, neither at practice nor on game day. Post-practice lifting sessions in the weight room became daily stresses for me as I tried to find new ways to keep my injury a secret, for fear of ridicule from my "able-bodied" teammates, as well as demotion from my starting spot by my coaches, who any football player will tell you don't take kindly to weakness, real or perceived. It was a daily challenge, but one I had to answer, if for no better reason than they said I couldn't.
Adrian Clayborn accepted the challenge as well. He pushed himself beyond what the doctors told him was possible and not only played, but excelled, at a level that most "able-bodied" players never reach. And with his selection in the first round of the NFL draft, he continues to defy the odds. Asked by Suzy Kolber what it meant to reach the pinnacle of his sport with what can be such a debilitating injury, he said, "It means keep pushing. People told me I'd never play football. I kept going. Whatever you dream, don't let anyone take it from you." The next chapter in Clayborn's story begins now. Nobody can say what the rest of his career holds. Just don't tell him he can't do it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Pride and Security Systems

We are still going to football conditioning on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday mornings.  I think I must say every morning when I'm dragging out of bed that I hate Summer Pride.  It makes me feel like I'm endlessly driving and picking up way too early in the morning!

Tater Tot is loving it though.  He likes the running, but the weight training is the bomb, as he would say.  All of the boys keep trying to out lift each other on the power lifting.  I think Tater Tot started at lifting 50 pounds and now he is lifting 70 pounds.  He's pretty excited about it!  I can see that he's developing a lot of muscles.  He definitely has 6 pack abs!  He's so proud of his muscles, it's amazing how at almost 13 he's really concerned about being in shape and being fit.  I think that's a great thing since my side of the family definitely has the genes to be overweight.  Out of my immediate first cousins, I'm the only one practically that hasn't had gastric bypass surgery.  My Dad was a big man, he was always at least 300 pounds most of my later childhood.  So, it's important to me that my children realize that being fit is a great thing. 

I, on the other hand, struggle daily with my weight.  I just want to get into better shape and have been walking in the evenings.  But, my right knee has had a bad pain in the back left side and I'm scared to go to the doctor.  I'm terrified he'd tell me I need knee surgery.  No thanks!

Another big thing that happened is our new security system.  We've always had an alarm but this new one is like OnStar.  When the alarm goes off, someone comes over the alarm and asks if everything is ok.  I love that for the boys!

We also got my Mom an alarm and a Life Alert.  That's a huge deal to me since she has been falling so much in the past year.  This way, the alarm rep will come over her alarm system and ask her if she's okay and they will either call the fire department or me.  This is a big relief since I spend most of my time worrying about my Mom being on the floor somewhere with no help.

I hope this makes her feel better also.  It gives her a little more freedom, she can actually take the trash out and walk around her house.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Week In My Life - Tuesday

Today was cleaning day once again!  I quickly tried to knock out all of the dreaded cleaning tasks like toilets and showers, ewwwww.  I hate cleaning toilets, especially with all boys in the house-ha!

I did sneak in a little time to layout in the pool.  Although, I went out later on in the day and the boys had been roughhousing in the pool and somehow my raft was deflated.  Those cheap Walmart rafts are not safe around a 10 year old and 12 year old.  It's so hot here, like 110 degrees hot, so I can't lay out that long anyway or I'd burn like crazy!  Maybe the boys saved me from getting too fried!

The boys have been going fishing everyday and today they left a little earlier so they weren't fishing in the heat of the day.  They only get to fish in a group and have to go to a little pond near our house.  They love it and have even set out some jug lines in the pond so they can go check them the next morning.

I've been trying my hardest to stick around the house during the day and not drag the boys shopping, which is my first instinct when the weather gets so hot.  Hang out at the mall where it's cool!  But that results in me spending money I don't need to so that's not such a great idea.

I did get a phone call this afternoon from a non-profit agency in the next town.  I had applied for a job as their Programs Coordinator, part-time, and I have an interview tomorrow for the position.  I hope it goes well.  I'm interested in seeing what that position entails!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Week In My Life - Monday July 11th

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary!  Two years ago I married my soulmate, the man who is definitely my rock and my greatest supporter!

We've now been together seven years, yet, I can still remember the moment I met him.  I knew from the second I was around him that he was special and I never wanted to leave his side. 

We've had some crazy moments in the last seven years and I don't know what I would do without him by my side.

To celebrate our anniversary, we just went to Lone Star steakhouse to eat dinner.  We were going to go to town and eat at Flemings but I told Mr. H we didn't need to go to anyplace super expensive.  Plus, the Bourbon glazed Salmon at Lone Star is to die for!  I was just as happy eating there!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Week In My Life - Sunday

I'm late doing this but I had it written down so here goes:

Today the boys came home from their fishing trip.  They brought five ziploc bags full of catfish.  I can't wait to fry some good ol' catfish with my Momma.  She's from Alabama so she knows how to fry some fish.  She also makes the best hushpuppies in the world.  When my brother was little, he thought they were the fish. They are that good!

Small Fry is definitely worn out and has a little bit of congestion.  I think it's the non-stop fun that's worn him out.  He had a blast though!

The dogs are definitely glad that Mr. H and Small Fry are home.  Allie, the new puppy, has been kind of lost since they were gone.  She doesn't know why it's just me here at the house. 

I've got a ton of laundry to do now that the fishing guys are home.  Guess I better get on it now!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Week In My Life - Day 4 (Saturday)

I'm riding solo today and my day started off on a really sleepy note. 

Since Mr. H is gone, I'm the one who had to get up with our 4 month old puppy when she needed to pee this morning.  She woke up at 5:30, then 6:00, then 6:45.  Get the pattern she was working on?  I called Mr. H and asked him why she was getting up so much this morning.  Well, he forgot to mention that when she gets up in the morning, he goes outside and sits with her while she does her business.

I wasn't sitting outside with her. 

See how spoiled this puppy is?

The poor puppy was upset all day, looking in the rooms for the boys and sitting looking out of the front and back windows for Mr. H.  I think she was really thrown off today without the guys around.

Today was deep cleaning day...especially since the boys weren't home.

I cleaned both boys bedrooms, organized their desks, cleaned out the closets and loaded bags full of clothes to donate.  I polished all of the woodwork in the kitchen, all the tables, swept and mopped all the tile, and even vacuumed and steam cleaned all of the carpets.  I was worn out when I finished so I went outside to lay out on the raft in the pool.

After I came in, my sister-in-law called and wanted to go eat and see the movie Bad Teacher.  I was so tired but really wanted to see that movie.  I'm so glad I went because it was hilarious!  Cameron Diaz is so funny and her eyes are gorgeous!  It was a great movie!

I came home and Mr. H called to tell me they were having a great time fishing.  Small Fry was in heaven fishing and shooting bb guns.  I'm so glad they are enjoying themselves!

I'm going to bed and hoping that I don't get an early morning wakeup call from a certain white Boxer puppy!

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Week In My Life - Day 3 (Friday)

Today was spent getting Small Fry ready and packed for his big fishing trip to Grand Lake with Mr. H.  We had bought him a new fishing pole the other day and had been hiding it until today.  He was so surprised!  Tater Tot got an IPhone the other day and I told Small Fry he would get a nice gift too.  He said all he wanted was a $20 fishing pole, which made me very happy. 

This morning, we laid out all of his clothes, fishing gear and Ipods, etc., then got them all neatly packed so Mr. H could come home at noon and put his clothes in the suitcase.

I drove Tater Tot to go meet his Dad since he was going there for the weekend while Small Fry goes fishing.   Tater Tot doesn't like fishing so he didn't want to go with them, which was fine with me since it meant he wouldn't complain about being bored the whole weekend while at the lake.  He's 12 so he will voice his opinion when he's bored.

After packing and driving Tater to meet his Dad, I went outside with Small Fry and swam in the pool for a while.  It was so hot outside and the pool felt great.  We've had the hottest summer so far, in the 100's already!

After everyone left, I went to pick up my Mom and take her grocery shopping in the next town.  My Mom has a hard time walking so I like to take her to smaller grocery stores rather than Super Walmart, which can be very busy and crowded.  Before shopping, we stopped at Captain D's and had some yummy fish.  We love that place and hardly ever go there because it's pretty bad for you.  It's a treat for us!

I'm what you call the "Sandwich Generation", which means I have small children and a parent to take care of everyday.  My Dad died six years ago and ever since then, my Mom's health just hasn't been the same.   She falls a lot and her walking is very unstable so I have to be on hand to take her shopping and run errands with her or for her.  I don't mind, all she has is me and she took care of me for so long.

Tonight after shopping, I've just sat in the recliner, surfing the web and watching HGTV!  Perfect ending to a good day!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Week In My Life - Day 2 (Thursday)

My sinuses were still killing me this morning when I got up at 6:20.  I had to wake Tater Tot up for Summer Pride, his football conditioning program.  When I let the dogs out on the way to T's room, it was pouring outside.  Rainy and thundering...hmmm...I instantly wanted to go back to bed, so guess what I did?!  I went into T's room, told him he didn't have to go to Summer Pride and I went back to bed!!! '

I know that just made me look so lazy but I felt horrible this morning and really needed to sleep.  Mr. H got up and went to work and I'm not even sure I heard him leave.  That's how bad I felt.

It was only Tater Tot and I this morning in the house because Small Fry called his Dad last night late and told him to come get him to spend the night since he would be gone this weekend fishing with Mr. H.  It's nice that my ex and I can be flexible and not fight about things like visitation.  I'm glad the boys feel like they can just pick up the phone and ask their Dad to come get them for a night if they feel the need.

Back to this morning........Are you ready for this????? I woke up at 10:30 and let Tater Tot sleep 'till 11:30.  Hey, just keeping it real.  It's ok to be lazy sometimes!

We got ready, ran to the vet to get our puppy Allie's heartworm medicine and then made a stop by the bank.  While at the bank, we called Small Fry and Tater Tot's Dad to see where he wanted to meet to exchange the boys.  This is the first time the boys have ever separated and not gone together to their Dads house.  *I want to make it clear that they have the same father-I could only handle one ex-husband-ha!*   This coming weekend is their Dad's weekend, but my youngest is going on a fishing trip with Mr. H (His step-dad), the oldest didn't want to go fishing so just chose to go ahead and go with his Dad today.   I usually always encourage Small Fry to like other things besides just the things his older brother likes, so this fishing craze is a good thing.  It's the one thing that Small Fry has liked on his own.  Usually he does everything like his brother, and I mean everything.  I want him to develop his individuality now that he's 10 years old.

We drove to the next town to meet my ex and I said good-bye to Tater Tot while I picked up Small Fry to bring him home.  We were next to the shopping center with my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, so we had to stop in and see what kinds of new stuff they had.  While there, we saw one of Mr. H's Masonic buddies with his granddaughter and we visited for a while.

This afternoon, Small Fry has been out riding his bike with his two buddies that live right by us.  They were out for a couple of hours, then came in and asked if Small Fry could go to one of their Grandma's houses to swim.  I told him he could and after he left, I sat watching TV BY MYSELF.  That NEVER happens!!!!

So guess what else I did when the kids left?  I went outside and swam, layed out on the raft and then dried off by laying out on the chaise lounge.  Heaven, pure heaven!  I actually had time to lay out without being splashed! 

I'm now back inside, watching Food Network and HGTV, my two faves!

I might even fix myself something bad for dinner, like Ramen Noodles.  I know, crazy, huh?!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Week In My Life-Day 1

I'm completely copying Kelly at Kellys Korner Blog and documenting a week of my life, detailing even the most mundane tasks and moments of our days this summer.

The boys and I both woke up at 9:30 this morning.  We just came home from vacation at my best friends house and I was exhausted.  My sinuses have been really bugging me so I had to take nighttime sinus medicine to make sure I slept ok last night.  You have to love having insomnia, it's my greatest fear in life that it will strike me during the night and I'll be up alllll night long. Ugh.

After waking up, I made my coffee and sat down to actually enjoy it.  Tater Tot didn't have his conditioning for school football in the early morning due to the July 4th holiday so I was so happy that I got to sleep in and not get up at 6am.  9:30 felt sooo late!

I folded a load of laundry and moved the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  Well, in all honesty, after I re-washed the clothes in the washer left over from last night, I moved them on to the dryer.  I then went around to every room collecting all of the dirty clothes and emptying the bags the boys took on vacation.  I rewashed the linens on all the beds because Mr. H's sister stayed at our house with her daughter dog sitting.

I searched through a few blogs looking for new recipes to write into my recipe notebook.  Yes, I'm a nerd and actually keep a recipe notebook where I handwrite any recipes I see on blogs and websites.  I've found some great recipes that way.  Other Moms are always the best way to find foods and meals that kids and a picky husband will actually eat.

After looking through blogs, I got the crockpot out to make Apricot Chicken for dinner.  It's the easiest recipe, I just put 4 frozen chicken breasts, a bag of dried apricots and 2 cans of chicken broth with Lipton Dried Onion Soup Mix in the crockpot on High.   I let that cook all day, then serve it with white rice.

While I was getting the crockpot meal ready, Small Fry called his buddy in the neighborhood and they made plans to go fishing at the new city park.  They built a really great lake in the center of town and stocked it with fish.  It's right near the new splash pad park so the boys go run through the splash pad when they get too hot fishing.  It's perfect for them.  I went up to the lake with the boys and their friends for a while and enjoyed doing some fun people watching.  I love our new park in town.  It's so beautiful!

When we got done fishing, we ran by Sonic to get a drink and then went home to clean.  I cleaned the master bedroom, the master bathroom and put up the clean clothes.  The boys cleaned their rooms, then emptied the dishwasher for me. 

After our cleaning was done, we went swimming in the backyard.  I tried to lay on the raft while the boys took turns doing cannonballs, jackknifes and any other dive/jump they could do to get me really wet.  Small Fry even tried to lay on the raft with me but we kept turning over! 

We swam for a couple of hours, then the boys left to go ride bikes with their buddies. 

Small Fry is going on a fishing trip with Mr. H and his Masonic officers at a lake about 2 hours away this weekend.  After riding bikes, he spent the evening getting his fishing poles ready for the trip.  He's so excited for this guys fishing trip.  He's been on such a kick with fishing.  It's all he thinks about night and day! 

Around 6, Tater Tot brought a friend back home with him and they went swimming until dinner was ready.  Just as I was getting ready to put the rice on the stove, my Mom called and said she bought a Prime Rib at the bar-b-que place and was bringing it over for dinner.  I gladly put the crockpot dinner I'd planned in Tupperware for tomorrows dinner.  My Mom brought baked potatoes over and I fixed a salad to go with our yummy steak.  After dinner, I did the dishes and then we all went to Frostbites to get a snowcone.  It was the perfect ending to a busy summer day. 

Have I mentioned that I love being home with my kids this summer?  I'm not dying from Mom Guilt like I usually do when I work. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Never Accepting a Free Pool Again

So the boys' grandma gave us a free pool last summer.  It was the 16' Intex above ground pool that she had at her house for a couple of years.  She hurt her back so she couldn't mess with it anymore.  After two failed tries, we finally got it set up right and enjoyed swimming and floating around in the pool for the summer.

Well, last Fall we just drained it and let it sit uncovered for the winter. 



In May, we started putting the salt and chemicals in to shock it and get rid of the algae.  45 days, $200 in chemicals and countless tears later, we finally gave up and drained the pool.  Now there's about an inch of water and algae left at the bottom. This morning I was in the backyard scooping buckets of water out of the pool. It was the hardest work.  My back is killing me now and I think I suffered some sort of heat illness.

And...there's still water and algae in the pool.  Now we're going to take the sides down and scrub the pool liner. 

Have I mentioned that I hate this pool by now?! 

But....we are trying to be good parents and get the pool up so the boys don't have to go to the city pool everyday.  And, actually I want the pool up so I can lay out in peace. 

Is it too much to ask for a pool with clean water that I can float on a raft in?  (That was horrible grammar but I don't care!)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Puppy Love

Our new puppy Allie is now 4 whole months old.  She's so spunky that we find ourselves laughing at her everyday.

Having a four month old is like having a toddler again.  She has a definite routine.  In the morning, she gets up at about 6:30 and goes outside to potty.  She comes in and walks straight to my chair and stare at me which means she wants to take a nap in my lap.  She also takes a nap around 3pm.  When nighttime hits, she's ready to go to bed around 9:30 or 10:00.

The funniest thing about a white boxer is...their face gets red around their eyes and mouth when they get tired.  It's adorable.

Allie also likes to talk much more than our previous Boxer.   She likes to bark at the vacuum, my hair dryer and if you aren't looking at her, she barks.

Long legs

Also, the above picture shows what happens when you leave a puppy alone in the living room for 15 minutes while blow drying your hair.  She went into the boys bathrooom and got the roll of toilet paper, then ripping it apart all over the living room.  Little toot!

Her last vet checkup was at 15 weeks and she weighed 18.3 pounds.  It's going to be interesting to see how big she gets!

We've loved every second of her, even when she's being a crazy puppy!