Monday, March 31, 2008

Our evening walk with the dogs

This pic shows Mr. H and the love of his life......and it's not me. I don't mind....I like to share!

T & H enjoying the walk with Allie. She's trying not to get run over
I adore this house - all 3 stories of it.

We go on a walk almost every night so our poor dogs can get some exercise. One of the many reasons I love living in our little town is the Trail right behind our neighborhood. It's 17 miles long and has the neatest sites along the way. The house pictured above is our new one. Just kidding - it's an old Indian mansion that probably dates back to the early 1900's when the Indians built huge brick mansions in Osage County. That house looks alot like the mansion that Maria Tallchief, the celebrated Native American ballerina from the 30's and 40's, built in a town in Oklahoma called Hominy. Those mansions are all over Oklahoma. I guess when the Indians struck it rich with oil on their land, they built these massive homes. They are incredibly beautiful. If I had the money or the nerve, I would buy one and renovate it. But, there isn't a Bob Vila gene in my body so no chance of that. I like new houses. I don't even really care to live in anyone else's used house. How rude is that!

The trail also runs by a farm with alfalfa growing- in the spring it is so green and lush. I love it. It's those times and when I look at that I wish I lived on a farm or ranch. Then I snap out of it.

You can see T & H don't like to walk with us. They would rather use the more modern forms of travel like a Razor or bike. Sometimes, even a skateboard.

We had tornado warnings this morning but the day turned out great. A slight breeze but a cool 70 degrees. Perfect for our nightly walk.

This is my guilty pleasure

Looks great I's Corn Beef Hash and Eggs. I have to admit, this is a family problem. My Dad loved Hash and Eggs and passed the guilty pleasure onto me. This is probably my greatest comfort food. Not chocolate, a glass of wine, nope, for me it's this dish. By the way, I know it looks disgusting in the picture but you just have to trust me. I love this stuff.
So, I fixed it after preparing pancakes for the boys and Mr. H. I was gonna eat it all by myself and not subject anyone else in the family to it but Mr. H saw it and wanted a bite. Low and behold......he loved it and ate half of it. See...that saved me a lot of calories! I guess it was just fattening enough for Mr. H to love it too! He is a dude after all. Dudes love fat and processed.
Oh - and the hash has to come out of a can. No homemade for me. Out of a nasty can. Probably the cheapest dinner you can made.......and the best!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Corned Beef and Cabbage - Kiss Me, I'm Irish

I made a corned beef and cabbage dish today for St. Patrick's Day. Being that my family is from County Cork, Ireland, I figured that's the dish for us on this day o'green beer.