Sunday, December 29, 2013

I need to work on my craftiness

I've been pinning my life away on Pinterest.  I think I have about 6,000 pins. 

I have every intention of being crafty, I just can't find the time to actually go to Hobby Lobby, buy the supplies and sit down to do it.

Here are the crafts I hope to accomplish in the near future.  I completely believe in doing Christmas crafts in January for next year.  With 5 birthdays in December, this girl has no time to craftiness during the actual holiday season.

I'm a big screenshotter - if that's a word.  If I see something awesome on Instagram, I'll save it on my phone. That way, if I'm at Hobby Lobby, I just pull my phone out and look at my crafty ideas. 
I hope its not bad to post peoples Instagram shots.  I don't know blogging etiquette. Ha!

I love this for a guy room.  Maybe a little more teenager like but its eye catching.

My Mom's assisted living has a door decorating contest every year and this is our idea for next year.  We are totally winning it next year!!!

I also love this for Hunter's room.  He likes the plaid, woodsy look.  He's my son that thinks he's a backwoods redneck - not that there's anything wrong with that.

I adore this little ornament made out of pasta.  I think this would be a good family craft idea.

Love, love, love the chalkboard look!

I took these pics at Johnny Carinos because I like the photo gallery of old pictures.  When we sold my Mom's house last year, I took all of the older photos and need to know what to do with them. This is a neat idea.

If you don't follow Carolineintexas on Instagram, you must.  She's an art teacher and has the best ideas around her house.  These chalkboards are just a square piece of chalkboard she bought at Lowes and chalkboard pens.  She cleans them with Windex and writes seasonal things.  She even has one on their back porch with the Tennessee football schedule.  Awesome!  Think how cool with the Oklahoma Sooners schedule next year.  Since we are going to beat the Alabama Tide in the Sugar Bowl in a few days. 
Did I just say that???!!! My dog Alabama Tide just growled at me!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a terrific Christmas this year. 

I have to admit, it's getting harder and harder to shop for the boys.  They're 15 and 12 now and their wishlist just keeps getting more and more expensive.  Plus, add to that the fact that Tyler is a December baby and that's a huge month for gift giving.  Whew. 

The boys both got the things on their lists. Hunter wanted Beats by Dr. Dre and a microphone for making YouTube videos.  He's really into the Minecraft video game and likes to make videos of the buildings and things he's built on the computer.  Tyler got an Ipad for his birthday, which was also part Christmas.  He also got shirts, a Bible, FIFA 14 soccer video game and other books.  They both have new comforters for their rooms, which made this Momma happy. They were using ratty old comforters instead of the decorative ones for their rooms, so it was time for new comforters they liked.

 We opened our presents Christmas morning, then headed over to my Moms apartment at the assisted living to eat lunch with her. My friend Jennifer and her mother joined us, which was so nice.  It was a really nice meal and fun to sit and have a relaxing Christmas dinner instead of the hustle and bustle of having to cook and clean up. 

Mom opened her presents with the boys and loved all of the things she received.  We bought her a tunic, necklace, pajamas, bath soap and brush and magazine subscriptions.  She thought she really made out this Christmas.
 The boys doing their favorite activity, playing FIFA soccer in the living room.
The big news for Tyler this Christmas season was getting his braces taken off on December 23rd.  He wore them for exactly two years and ten days.  He got them on his 13th birthday and now just turned 15.  I can't believe it! 
His last meal with braces at Red Lobster


Going by to show Nana his braces one last time

Cheesing it up


Selfies at the dentists office

Look at those beautiful teeth!

 Nana with her new shirt and necklace on Christmas


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lupus and the past 10 months

One of my last posts in December 2012 was about having Shingles. I was home from work for quite a while sick and had a slight rash on my back. The doctors thought I had shingles and that's why I constantly felt feverish, achy and like I had the full blown flu. I started feeling bad around December 5th, 2012, yes I remember the date, that's how bad I felt. I didn't really feel like I could function and get out of bed until early January. I worked at a job in which I was made to do a lot of physical work (stuff I didn't sign up for) like rearranging bankers boxes in a musty, gross basement for days on end. I constantly felt tired and exhausted and just thought it was my age and that I was out of shape. I was only supposed to be an administrative assistant but the job quickly spiraled into a full blown stressful job. Let me back up and say that for the past couple of years, I would wake up in the morning and feel like I had a really strange, sweaty, feverish feeling. I always remember it would hit me by the time I got to the coffeemaker in the kitchen. I would stand there thinking how out of shape I was and that I felt like I was starting to break down. Late thirties and early forties were killing me. Literally - or so I started to think. I put off going to the doctor because I assumed they would tell me to exercise and watch my sugar or something like that. This past summer, after my Mom had gone through heart stent surgery, it really scared me and I started exercising everyday for about two months. I lost about 20 pounds and was so proud of myself. Then I started feeling flu-like again. Ugh. Right after July 4th, it became unbearable. I couldn't be out in the sun or I would feel as if I was going to either throw up or pass out, I was unbelievable tired, as in two naps a day tired and my body hurt so bad. I went to my regular doctor and he put me on the antibiotic for Lyme disease. That panicked me. They tested me for Lyme disease. Negative. I called back telling them I still felt horrible. They tested me for other tick-borne illnesses. Negative. They tested me for thyroid, vitamin levels, blood counts, etc, etc. All negative. After the doctor I was seeing told me, "Well you look good, you don't look like your sick." I lost it. I felt completely helpless. I thought no one would ever help me and they all thought I was crazy. The doctors even asked if I was happily married, maybe I was depressed. Nope - very happily married and not depressed. Well, hold on, kind of depressed because no one will acknowledge that I'm suffering and something very horrible is wrong with me. I finally switched back to my previous doctor who'd known me since I was eleven years old. He knew I was never sick so this had to be something. He did a lupus and some other test. Negative. Complete frustration. I turned to Facebook. I simply put my symptoms out there and asked if anyone had ever experienced this before. I lot of people commented back that I needed to desperately see a Rheumatologist. cousin chimed in and said, "You really need to check for auto-immune disease, every female in your Moms side of the family has one." Bingo. There was my clue. I immediately called my doctor who referred me to a Rheumatologist. This doctor was immediately interested when I told him about my family history. He did the "real" Lupus test and inflammation tests and they came back with my inflammation rates two and three times the number they should have been. Score! Something finally says I'm sick. The odd thing is, in 2008, my inflammation markers were very high. There was a blood test my dr. did then that came up as suspect but I was so healthy, he never went further with the testing. So....long story short. I now have medicine. It has made a tremendous difference in my life. I finally feel as if I can function everyday. Granted, I can't have a huge, fun filled day without feeling super tired. I have to really rest in the morning if I'm going to go to a big event that night. That's ok. Small sacrifice for feeling good. I was beginning to panic. I felt like I was missing most of my kids and husbands lives. But, they were nice about my sickness and felt bad for me. My son was even googling my symptoms trying to help. Poor thing. I know it's going to be a struggle I'm going to have to deal with, but I'm willing to fight for my good health. You don't realize how much you take for granted until you can't do it. It gives you a new perspective on life.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

York Rite Installation and Christmas program

My husband is very involved in the Masonic Lodge and it's affiliate organizations. 

Here are some pictures from the York Rite installation and the Christmas program.

The Christmas observance is the prettiest ceremony I've ever seen.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tyler turns 15

 My baby turned 15 today.  It's so hard to believe my 6'0" tall oy is growing up so fast. 

Every age so far has been my favorite.  Tyler is smart, sensitive, athletic, caring, funny, and just an all around great kid.  I honestly love every minute I spend with him.  We laugh together more than I ever imagined.  I didn't know what to expect but this journey has been one of pure joy. 

Tyler is a member of the student council, starts offense and defense, as well as kicker on the football team and plays basketball and soccer also.  He's in all honors classes and making terrific grades.  He just took the PSAT and his results said that he scored higher than 77% of Sophomores and he's only a Freshman. He spends most of his time trying to better himself, whether it's reading the Bible on his own, working out to get stronger or practicing many extra hours at the football field.
To say that I'm proud of him would definitely be an understatement.  He's a leader and has a sweet heart. 

And he loves his Momma and JimDad..that's the most important part.

We went out to eat just the four of us, then a couple of days later took my Mom out.  It's also my Mom's birthday the same day as Tyler.  How's that for a daughter!?

Hunter and JimDad

We even had winter weather for Tyler's birthday!

Allie wasn't sure what to think

Hunter and Tyler in 2003

Tyler at his Freshman football game - when did he get so big??  This is my favorite picture of us together!

The birthday kiddos!

Nana was singing Happy Birthday!  She's 76 and he's 15

Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas decor