Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mom Guilt

Why do moms carry around so much guilt? Is it innate in us to feel guilty about working to provide your children with a better life when you see a stay-at-home mommy at school and you are just dropping your kids off while on your way to work? I see the moms who are casually walking their children into school and I'm hurrying mine out of the car....and it kills me! Those are the moments that I want to be a stay-at-home mom. To do the simple things, like attend every school party, not just the ones that work with my schedule.
I watched Tim Gunn's Guide to Style last night. He took a teacher who was also a mom and taught her the right way to dress but also to learn that its ok to pamper yourself. Of course, when they started talking about doing things for yourself and not just your children, she started crying and I started crying watching it. Why do we let ourselves go as moms?????? Do we think that being a nice looking, sharp dressed mom makes us seem self-indulgent - I don't think so. I always try to look my best - now somedays I don't feel my best - but hey, I try.

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