Monday, March 31, 2008

This is my guilty pleasure

Looks great I's Corn Beef Hash and Eggs. I have to admit, this is a family problem. My Dad loved Hash and Eggs and passed the guilty pleasure onto me. This is probably my greatest comfort food. Not chocolate, a glass of wine, nope, for me it's this dish. By the way, I know it looks disgusting in the picture but you just have to trust me. I love this stuff.
So, I fixed it after preparing pancakes for the boys and Mr. H. I was gonna eat it all by myself and not subject anyone else in the family to it but Mr. H saw it and wanted a bite. Low and behold......he loved it and ate half of it. See...that saved me a lot of calories! I guess it was just fattening enough for Mr. H to love it too! He is a dude after all. Dudes love fat and processed.
Oh - and the hash has to come out of a can. No homemade for me. Out of a nasty can. Probably the cheapest dinner you can made.......and the best!