Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Yesterday was the official start of Spring for our family.  When you are a soccer family like us, the first practice, whether cold or warm, signals the start of Springtime.  We are sooooo excited!!!  This last winter has officially been the worst evah!  We aren't used to snow and ice during the winter months.  We have a few weeks of cold temps but usually it's a do-able winter.  Not this one-we've had a total of close to two feet of snow.  Yuck.....no...double yuck! 

Needless to say, Momma was super happy about soccer starting.

  I took the boys to their practices, which entailed Momma driving like crazy all over town dropping two boys off at practices that start at the same time but are at different places.  Luckily, I love, love, love Tater Tot's coach so I felt comfortable just dropping him off at practice while I rushed down the street to Small Fry's.   Small Fry was excited when we got to his practice because one of the little neighbor kids was on his team.  They had no clue they would be playing together this season so it was a wonderful surprise! 

Our temps hit a high of 51 degrees today so guess what I wanted to do???

Plan the decorations for our back porch!

I found beautiful urns at Big Lots that were on sale for $20 a piece. 

(Courtesy diynewlyweds.com)
They were brown and I was looking for black urns.  No problem.  That's why they make black spray paint!!!  You gotta love good ol' black spray paint.  It saves the day every time!

I have black wrought iron furniture on the back porch and a small black table for plants.  I recently picked up some wrought iron decor at Hobby Lobby.  I found a black iron scroll for the fireplace wall that's right behind the table and chairs. 

I also bought an iron basket that will sit in the middle of the table with a plant inside.  I've been trying to figure out a way to secure the basket on the table in case an Oklahoma storm blows in.  The best thing I can think of is to use a black twist-tie and tie it through the table and basket.  Hopefully that will help keep the basket in place.  Our winds can get pretty vicious here though during our nasty Spring storms.

I've attached some pics from one of my favorite blogs  - Melissas Heart and Home.  I love the way she decorates her home. 

I adore Boston ferns!  I have almost the exact same chair with pillow and plant stand on my front porch.

Don't you just love this fountain and the furniture? Adorable!

Love the planter in the middle of the table

I'm so addicted to the green color in the pillows below. And the tall iron scroll thingies!!!!

(Courtesy of Outonthepatio.com)

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VKT said...

I wish mine looked like one of those in the pictures...sigh. I love ferns too. Have a great day tomorrow!