Sunday, April 29, 2012

Conference Track Meet

Yesterday we went to the Metro Lakes Conference track meet in Tahlequah. T (my 7th grader) qualified for conference in the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 4 x 1 relay and 4 x 4 relay. This is our first year in track and T loves it. More than loves it, he's obsessed. It's all he thinks about day and night. I actually never thought track would be a sport he liked. I never hung out with track people and I sure didn't run track. The amazing thing is, it's funny how much you start to like a sport when you have a child that does well in it. T did great in the conference meet. He didn't win any metals but he and his relay team came in 5th or 6th. T really enjoys watching all of the older guys and how fast they run. Some of those boys are simply amazing! I love watching them! They run like a jaguar or something. We had fun at the meet also because we got to sit with a bunch of friends that were there. That always makes a 12 hour track meet a little more bearable!

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