Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Detoxing

My hubby and I just spent last weekend at a Masonic function.  It's a group that we get together with every four months or so.  We have a group of about eight that we really enjoy spending time with while at these events.  I got to wear a nice dress and the hubs wore a tuxedo so it was fun just seeing ourselves all spiffied up for once!

We ate and drank a lot of good stuff so I thought I'd try a detox that I'd read about on It Sux To Be Fat.  I love that blog and she has great recipes for sweets, which call me like crazy!

Here's the recipe she had on her site.  I just went to Wal-mart and bought the ingredients, which were super inexpensive and easy to find. 

Arden’s Garden 2 Day Detox
Yield: 2 Gallons
Serving Size: 8 oz
  • 48 oz fresh grapefruit juice
  • 32 oz fresh orange juice
  • 16 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 160 oz quality steam-distilled water
  • Empty 1 gal. jug for mixing
  • Funnel (optional)
  1. Mix together for each gallon (128 oz): 24 oz. fresh grapefruit juice, 16 oz. fresh orange juice, 8 oz. fresh lemon juice and 80 oz. distilled water.
  2. Drink 8 oz. every hour until the total 128 oz. have been consumed – and that is it! No food.
I'm on Hour 5 - It's 1pm right now and I started at about 8:30am.  My stomach has been growling quite a bit in the last hour but it's really not unbearable.  I actually like the juice.  It's not very sweet and pretty tart, but tasty. 

We'll see how I do tonight, which is my snacking time.  Night time boredom kills me! 

A friend of mine told me to also get the book, The Healing Code.  She's lost about 30 pounds just going through the mediations in the book.  I'm thinking about downloading it on my phone, but I'm cheap and it's $12.  I'll be ticked if I don't read it and could have bought something with that money instead.

I must really need to lose weight because I'm passing up a Masonic dinner tonight with Italian Beef sandwiches shipped from Chicago.  I love those things. 

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