Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Soccer state semi-finals!

We're traveling to Oklahoma City tonight for the state semi-finals in soccer.  We play Northwest Classen at the Putnam City West stadium.

Our family's so excited that we're taking nine people with us.  We have to support our Bulldogs in their bid for the state championship.  I'm so proud of these boys.  They've fought hard and stuck it out to get to number 3 in the state of Oklahoma in classs 5A.  That's no small feat.

Tyler is out with a knee injury.  The orthopedic doctor thinks he has a torn meniscus. We go for the MRI next week.  I'm just happy that Tyler has had the opportunity to be a part of such a great team!!! I've enjoyed every second watching these boys play!

The boys after the Oologah Tournament - we won!

Tyler running after the ball

These boys have worked so hard! They deserve all the success in the world!

Coach Campbell giving words of advice

Great boys and even better friends

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