Friday, February 15, 2008

I have no clue how to eat-diets confuse me

My office has been having a biggest loser contest and we weigh in every week. Well, it's now become a contest on who can harass the other better in regards to what they are eating or if they've worked out enough. Office dynamics are so strange that way-someone thinks because they work with you that they can tell you things that they normally wouldn't. I quit the contest because it's no one's damn business actually.

So I started the Atkins low-carb diet 2 days ago. All I've eaten is either salads, cheese, eggs or meat. The part I can't kick is the Diet Coke - it kills me to not have a Diet Coke. I mean, it's not even a real Coke - so it should be ok, right? Well, with Atkins, they want you to not drink caffeine either. No way, not this girl! I'm a momma with a ton of stuff on my plate - give me the Diet Coke.

I started Atkins because on Weight Watchers I always feel like I'm eating only carbohydrates and artificial sweetener. That can't be good. I think I've surmised that I'm a carbaholic. I love bread, biscuits, pancakes, crackers, rice, bagels. All of the carb filled crap. And...some of that fiber stuff will kill your stomach. Take it from me. Do not eat more than one Fiber One bar. Seriously........I learned that the hard way with a day off sick from work due to the fact that my stomach was doing somersaults from fiber overload.

So, how do you figure out what to eat. Is it low carb or the other extreme-the carb filled life of Weight Watchers? I have the hardest time deciding!
OK- Today I ate:
1 cup coffee with 2 tbsp ff half and half and 3 packets Sweet-n-Low
2 eggs, fried with butter
3 small sausage links
lettuce wedge with blue cheese dressing, eggs and bacon
Diet Coke
Chili cheeseburger with no bun
Only ate 1/4 of it though
Diet Coke

My weigh in on Tuesday was 195 - yuck! That feels bad.
handful of peanuts - 5g carb for 39 pieces

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