Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stormy Saturday

For the past 4 days, it has done nothing but rain and storm like crazy. The problem with thunder and lightning scares the dickens out of my Beagle Baylee. She usually sleeps on the foot of our bed on her own special quilt. Well, the second it thunders, she'll army crawl up towards my head and sleep on my head. I mean really sleep with her body laying somewhat across my head. I guess she feels more secure up at my head rather than at my feet. She also barks and whines too. It makes for such a fun night. We did learn a trick......Benadryl. Liquid Benadryl is a miracle worker for dogs that get nervous and anxious during storms. Living in Oklahoma, it's a must. Baylee actually thinks it's a treat and will lick up the entire dose from her little "treat" plate. She just lays next to me and relaxes after her treat. Works wonders!

The other problem with bad weather is trying to get the dogs to go out and go to the bathroom. They won't get near the door when it's bad outside. I actually have to walk outside with them and stand there while they go potty. Amazingly spoiled puppies if you ask me. But, I'm sure it's my fault for spoiling them.

Today, I took the boys and my Mom to the mall to look for a dress that my Mom can wear to my nephews wedding (her oldest grandson). We found the cutest suit dress at Dillards and matching shoes at Macy's. I love it when you find some cute things at the mall. We looked at all of the super cute Spring clothes. There were so many things that I could have bought, but with the economy in the dumps, I feel like I shouldn't spend the extra money. And, in all honesty, I've been reading about the Compassion bloggers on Bring The Rain. The way they describe the horribly sparse conditions in India, it makes me really appreciate everything I have and not want to take for granted that our family is very blessed. So far, we haven't really felt the effects of the economy, but you never know when things could turn. This is the time to really tighten the belt and put money back for any slim times that may come up.

It was my little H-man's 8th birthday last Sunday. He's growing up so fast. I remember when he was just my little chunky baby. We had our family dinner at IHOP because when we asked H where he wanted to go, he said he wanted a huge stack of pancakes. What can I say, the boy is easy to please!
This year he told everyone that he wanted cash for his birthday so he can save upenough for a skateboard. He had also been putting back money for a good while to buy something special. Well, with the birthday money, he had enough to buy an Element skateboard that he'd been eyeing at Zumiez. So, that was our stop after dress shopping. It actually worked out pretty good. I told the boys we wouldn't go to Zumiez if they complained one time while shopping with Nana. They were perfect the entire shopping trip. I'm using the bribe technique everytime!
I've been fighting the skateboarding thing for a long time now but I'm starting to realize that it's really a mainstream thing for kids these days. I always think about the kids that skateboarded when I was in high school. They were the kids that sat across from the high school in the morning smoking cigarettes, looking like goth weirdos. That is my GREATEST fear. No goth, drug doing, freaks in my house. EVER. But I am letting them skateboard because my thought least they're outside and not sitting in front of the computer all day long. But no skinny jeans or dying their hair black. UGH!
Another storm is starting up here and the lightning is getting really close. The thunder is the kind that makes you jump and sounds like all the plates are rattling in the kitchen. I'm going to bed so I can try to sleep through the storm!

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