Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm building an ark!

Wow! We have now officially had 20 days of rain here in good ol' Oklahoma. People are starting to complain that they have seasonal affective disorder from no sunshine. It is getting a little depressing. I have to agree.
Last night we had some really cool storms blow through our area. Luckily no tornado warnings but they had one about 20 minutes from us. Too close for comfort if you ask me.
I took some pics of the clouds as they were rolling in. They were the really puffy, bubble looking clouds. I took Meteorology in college and still can't tell you what the clouds are called. I got a C in that class too-it was so hard!

The boys have 5 days left of school. H-man actually went to the Intermediate school to take a tour with his class since he will be in the 3rd grade next year. Finally, I will have both boys in the same building again. T-man will be in the oldest grade in the building (5th) and H-man in the youngest (3rd). It's so old hat for T-man though. He thinks he will rule the roost next year as a big 5th grader. They have both done so well in school this past year. Nothing but A's and an occasional B. That makes me very proud of them. Even though they are totally different personalities. T-man will worry so much about getting his homework turned in and getting good grades and then H-man just goes with the flow. He doesn't whether he gets his homework turned in or not. I think T is a worrier like his Momma. H is more like my laid-back Dad. So funny to see how they react to different situations.
Speaking of reacting to situations, I had to be the bad Mom on the block for the first time a couple of nights ago. Apparently, we have a kid that has an anger management problem in our neighborhood. He's always acting out - throwing his PSP if he doesn't win a game, stuff like that. Well, I guess he got into a little argument with T about who could skateboard better or some major world dilemma like that and this boy punched or slapped T in the face. When T came in the house and told me, I freaked! I ran outside and told that boy to come over to me and I ripped him up one side and down the other. I was so mad I was shaking. Maybe not the best time to react to a situation but I wasn't going to let this bully pick on my boy! He answered Yes Maam to me everytime I said something. I told him never to come to my house EVER! And, the stupid thing is.....I felt bad the day after I got on to him. I think T should learn to solve his own problems but this kid had done other stuff that had infuriated me so I'd had it. Guess he won't bug my little guys anymore. I'm such a big, bad Momma. But, one thing I instantly felt the second my oldest was born was the instant feeling of being a Mother Lion. You don't mess with my Lion Cubs or you will regret it. I guess that's called being a Mother.
Other than my griping out kids in the 'hood, everything has been going really well. My Mom is going to watch the boys over the you know what that means???????
You do not understand how long I have waited to not pay daycare. I will pay my Mom but not as much as the daycare. Wow! What a relief.
Over the summer the boys are going to go to the library and check out books like at the daycare. I think reading is the most important thing in the world. If you teach a child to read, they can go anywhere in the world. They will never be bored or lonely either. In some of my darkest days after getting divorced, reading saved me. My hope is that my boys will love reading as much as I do. And.....I adore it!


Jennifer P. said...

glad ya'al didn't float away :)!

Reading saved me after my divorce too. I would wake up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep--and so I'd read instead. I got through SOOOO many books!!!

So happy you have a good mama to watch your boys, and hope they love reading this summer!

Anonymous said...

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