Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Change in Plans

We were planning to drive to Southern Oklahoma to see our best friends Becky and Bobby this weekend but changed our plans. Becky and her family are the best people-we just adore them! They have 4 boys and the sweetest little girl and our boys love hanging out with them. It's amazing how much fun all the kids have together when we visit for the weekend with their family. This weekend-August 7th & 8th is tax-free weekend in the Tulsa area, maybe even the entire state, I'm not sure. Tax-free weekend is a big deal when you're married to an accountant that doesn't like to waste money. He loves a good bargain so off to shop we go this weekend. I'm going to get the boys their jeans for school. They want Levi's 514's, the straight leg kind. I can't stand the skater boy skinny jeans so that is the compromise...just straight leg jeans. I can't believe Levi's are $39 though, my gosh that's expensive!

I cleaned both boy's rooms last weekend and while cleaning their closet and organizing their clothes by color I realized that they don't really need new clothes for school, just jeans because little boys wear holes in their jeans fairly quickly. We took 5 bags of kids clothes to Goodwill so I feel like I've done some good for kids who can't afford new clothes for school. Some of the clothes I donated were really nice still, just too small for the boys.

The other big changes in our household are that I'm changing jobs next week. I had quit my full-time Marketing Director job to work part-time at an insurance agent's office. I worked from 11:30 until 5 everyday. After about two weeks, I realized that an insurance office is not for me. Everyone has to have insurance which is a good thing for the agent but a really bad thing if you're the girl at the front desk. Let me tell you......there are some really weird people in the world. I want to be someone who doesn't judge and loves all people, but the other day when a nasty lady came walking in and sat down in a fog of marijuana and I had to sit and talk to her and explain why she owed $600 on her insurance because she nevers pays on time.....that was the straw that broke the camels back. GROSS! That was not worth the money I was making part-time and still having to commute 30 minutes into town. I wanted to be in town near my kids when they're at school. I've never been the Mom that gets to attend most of the school functions and I want to be that Mom. My new part-time job is at a tanning salon/fitness club. I pray that I love it. I already like the girls there and maybe it will encourage me to get my behind on the treadmill every once in a while!

I'm praying that it all works out. I love my husband for letting me work part-time, especially in this economy. It's such a blessing!

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