Friday, August 7, 2009

My Wedding and Reception

As part of Kelly's Korner Blog's show us your wedding and reception.....I thought I would post some pics of the event that only took place about 4 weeks ago. It's almost our 1 month anniversary. Time flies when you're in love!

We got married at a restaurant in our little town called Leon's Lakeside Grill. It's at a new resort in town called CrossTimbers on Skiatook Lake. I love the restaurant and thought it would make such a beautiful wedding location. The restaurant has a lighthouse and upstairs balcony that is so romantic at night. We decided to have our ceremony on the lawn which is right below the outside patio area of Leon's. The lawn is right on the shore of the lake and marina. It is one of the most tranquil spots in the world!

This was a second wedding for both Mr. H and I so we wanted it to be as intimate as possible. Our attendants were my two little boys, T and H, and our dog Allie was our ring bearer/flowergirl. The boys wore matching light blue polo shirts and khaki pants with khaki colored flip-flops. The boys looked adorable and just as I had pictured them in my mind when I was brainstorming about how cute they would look. To begin the ceremony, Mr. Hautemama and our minister walked in, then our Mothers were escorted in by my friend Bobby and Mr. H's brother Josh. Then our dog was walked in by our niece Taylor to the song, Atomic Dog by George Clinton. When the boys escorted me down the aisle, we played Billy Joel's She's Got A Way. It was so sweet and I almost lost it while walking down because we had left an empty seat on the first row and I placed a red rose wrapped with a ribbon on the seat in honor of my Dad, who died 4 years ago.
The ceremony went great but it was so hot outside I had to ask Mr. H one time if I was sweating-I was terrified that I was pouring sweat down my face. I had sprayed hairspray on my face after doing my makeup and it really did set my makeup, not a drop moved during the 90 something degree ceremony. I was impressed with myself that I had accomplished that feat. I actually read about it on a drag queen website about keeping your makeup set during hot weather. It was a great tip!
Anyway, after we walked down the aisle to Queen's You're My Best Friend. The boys walked the dog down the aisle in front, then Mr. H and I followed. When we got to the end of the aisle, there was a rainbow in the sky. That was my Dad. I'm positive. I asked him before the wedding just to watch over me and that was his sign to me. I screamed with joy when I saw it. And the sunset was perfect! It made for great pictures! A rainbow on one side and the sunset on the other-absolutely terrific! After the ceremony, we had a cocktail hour upstairs in the reception room, then a past buffet dinner with ceasar salad. After dinner, Mr. H made a toast to his bride and new children. He almost lost it when mentioning his new sons. It was the sweetest moment! After eating, our friend Tom played some tunes and the kids loved dancing the night away!

Our ceremony with the boys standing up with us

Our sunset after the ceremony

Our niece Taylor dancing at the reception with Mr. H and our friends daughter Abi.

Our cake table with our engagement picture and blue hydrangeas around the cake.

My friend Bobby walking my Mom into the ceremony - didn't she look so pretty!

The boys with my sister Kandie, My Mom and Myself

Look at my youngest - do you see how hard it is to get a serious wedding picture taken. He loves to make goofy faces!

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