Thursday, March 31, 2011

Allie - A Piece of Our Hearts Forever

06/04/2006 - 03/24/2011

July 11, 2009
Allie the Flowergirl

Last Thursday afternoon the boys came home from school and found our precious White Boxer Allie hiding in the corner of the yard and barely breathing. 
She was stone cold and panting heavily, unable to move.
We rushed her to the animal hospital in Tulsa and she arrived with no heartbeat.  They performed CPR and got a heartbeat but she wasn't able to clot her blood due to the trauma.

Her stomach had turned over and she was dying of bloating. 

No one could tell us why barrel chested dogs are prone to this, it just happens sometimes.  It's how Marley died in Marley & Me.

We had no other choice but to put her down.  She was bleeding out of her mouth and rectum and was on a respirator.  We didn't want her to suffer at all.

It was the saddest sight I've ever seen.  We spent several minutes saying our goodbyes, telling her we loved her more than anything and kissing her sweet jowls over and over.

The boys and I left the room and Mr. H stayed with her until the end, closing her eyes after she passed.

The fact that we weren't there for her when she needed us will always haunt me.  I feel like I let her down.

She was one of the most important things in the world to our family and she will never be forgotten. She was a member of our family and I know she knew that.

We had her cremated and have ordered a special walnut colored urn with her name engraved and her picture on the front.  It should be here in about two weeks.  We plan to keep it on our mantel so she's always with us.


Michelle said...

I'm so sorry for your family.

Hugs & Prayers,

Hautemama said...

Thank you so much Michelle. We are so glad we had a terrific 4 years with her. She was definitely the baby of the family.