Sunday, April 3, 2011

The First Middle School Dance

Tator Tot and his cousin Taylor-such cuties!

This last Friday night was Tator Tot's first middle school dance.  He was excited to get to go "party" with his buddies.  Of course, being the nervous Momma, I had to run to the mall to make sure he had a cute shirt to wear.  I bought a blue and pink striped button down, the blue checkered button down he chose to wear and a pink polo.  He looked cute in all of them, but thought he looked better in the blue one with his khaki shorts and new blue Reebok Reezigs.  You know, you have to get the outfit right!

He invited his best friend Braden over to spend the night.  He also invited his buddy Will over but he had to leave after the dance because he had a rodeo early the next morning.  We also went and picked up their friend AJ, who rode with us to the dance. 

It was fun before we left because one of our neighbors was out cleaning his bumble bee looking brand new Charger to drive his granddaughter to the dance in.  So cute.  The boys were being so cute with the young girls all outside taking pictures beforehand. The boys tried to act like they weren't looking at the girls but I knew they were. Ha!


My handsome 6th grader

Practicing the snake before the dance

Look who's as tall as his Momma!

The gang all walking into the dance

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