Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer So Far

So far this summer, we've been super busy. 

Small Fry has been excited about learning how to cook.  He really likes to make scrambled eggs in the morning.  I thought I'd show him how to make an omelette.

He made his very first omelette last week.  It was perfect and delicious!

Blurry IPhone pic
I've been walking three miles every night with my friend Melissa.  We walk on the nature trail thats right behind our neighborhood.  I've noticed when I walk with someone, I walk further.  Guess since I love to talk so much, I don't notice the distance I'm covering!

I've been a bum this summer and just been hanging out in t-shirts and shorts with flip-flops like this. 

Guess I need to join the Pleated Poppy's link-up party - What I Wore Wednesday.  It's a great link-up party where stay-at-home moms post the cute outfit they wore instead of the bum clothes that moms tend to wear because it's easy.

I'm usually a dress up kind of person but I've had to get up at 6:15 in the mornings to take my son to his summer conditioning program at the football field.  It's pretty funny to look at the moms as they are dropping off their children, they all have their glasses on, no makeup and their hair in a bun on their heads.  I usually have a t-shirt, running shorts and Walmart flip-flops on.  I'm styling, that's for sure!

I have to go back and pick him up an hour and a half later, still wearing the cruddy clothes I had on.  I'm actually going to try to get showered and dressed while my sons at conditioning next week, hopefully I can get it together.

In the evenings that I haven't been walking, we've gone fishing at my brother-in-law's girlfriends house.  She has a pond right in front of her house with a little hill above the pond for sitting.

I love taking Small Fry there, he gets so excited and he now thinks he's going to be a pro-fisherman.  So far, he's had some great fishing luck.  He's caught about 8 or 9 fish everytime we've been over there.  We throw the fish back though so they can grow a little bigger.

We've been on a few drives, looking at the beautiful green grass and trees.  That's a tradition I started when the boys were little and I needed them to take a nap.  I would drive around looking at the pretty countryside while they slept.  Now that they're older, they love to look for ponds and cool scenery.

The sunsets have been beautiful lately!  Amazing sights!

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