Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

Yesterday the boys went to the new city pool with their friends and both came back sunburned.  Tater Tot had told me that the lifeguards give you sunscreen (and one of our friends is the head lifeguard), but he kept forgetting to put it on.  Silly boy! He knows better and is feeling it today.

This morning we got up and took Allie to the veterinarian to get her 15 week shots.  She did terrific and everyone at the vet clinic was loving on her so much.  When the vet put her on the metal table, she got scared so he put her on the floor and then sat on the floor to examine her.  I about died.  It was the neatest thing to see that he didn't want my puppy to feel scared so he just went down on her level.
Where'd that sweet lady go that was hugging me?


After the vet, we went to get Small Fry's hair cut.  It was way too long and was bound to be hot.  We still kept it the shaggy surfer boy look but just trimmed it.
Small Fry thought he deserved a fun fishing trip since he sat through the torture of a haircut so we ventured down to the dam in town.  We live by a beautiful lake and the dam makes a great, calm place for fishing.  We were the only ones at the dam this morning and we loved it.
We didn't catch any fish but it was fun watching turtles bobbing their heads in and out of the water.  I love just being able to sit and talk with my boys while waiting on a fish to bite.

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