Sunday, December 29, 2013

I need to work on my craftiness

I've been pinning my life away on Pinterest.  I think I have about 6,000 pins. 

I have every intention of being crafty, I just can't find the time to actually go to Hobby Lobby, buy the supplies and sit down to do it.

Here are the crafts I hope to accomplish in the near future.  I completely believe in doing Christmas crafts in January for next year.  With 5 birthdays in December, this girl has no time to craftiness during the actual holiday season.

I'm a big screenshotter - if that's a word.  If I see something awesome on Instagram, I'll save it on my phone. That way, if I'm at Hobby Lobby, I just pull my phone out and look at my crafty ideas. 
I hope its not bad to post peoples Instagram shots.  I don't know blogging etiquette. Ha!

I love this for a guy room.  Maybe a little more teenager like but its eye catching.

My Mom's assisted living has a door decorating contest every year and this is our idea for next year.  We are totally winning it next year!!!

I also love this for Hunter's room.  He likes the plaid, woodsy look.  He's my son that thinks he's a backwoods redneck - not that there's anything wrong with that.

I adore this little ornament made out of pasta.  I think this would be a good family craft idea.

Love, love, love the chalkboard look!

I took these pics at Johnny Carinos because I like the photo gallery of old pictures.  When we sold my Mom's house last year, I took all of the older photos and need to know what to do with them. This is a neat idea.

If you don't follow Carolineintexas on Instagram, you must.  She's an art teacher and has the best ideas around her house.  These chalkboards are just a square piece of chalkboard she bought at Lowes and chalkboard pens.  She cleans them with Windex and writes seasonal things.  She even has one on their back porch with the Tennessee football schedule.  Awesome!  Think how cool with the Oklahoma Sooners schedule next year.  Since we are going to beat the Alabama Tide in the Sugar Bowl in a few days. 
Did I just say that???!!! My dog Alabama Tide just growled at me!

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