Sunday, September 21, 2008

Everyone loves a small town parade!

Yesterday was Pioneer Day in our little town. Everyone goes to the parade in the morning to see the marching band, cheerleaders and all of the different groups that march in it. Hunter recently joined the Cub Scouts and got to march in the parade with his pack. He was so excited. I told Jim that the talk the Cub Scouts did this year at the elementary school was a good one because Hunter is so pumped to shoot bb guns, use a knife, camp out and all the good Cub Scout stuff.

Hunt looked adorable in his little uniform. Sadly, I had to ask my cousin Vicki to sew the patches on his shirt because I have no idea how to sew. I really need to work on that.

You have to look closely at one of the pics of Jim and Hunter walking along - I was watching them walk by me and noticed they were holding hands. That's a sweet little boy-he doesn't care if he's walking with all of his friends.....he stills holds our hands. So cute!

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