Friday, July 31, 2009

Guess where I went.....

Here's a little tidbit for ya.......I live very close to The Pioneer Woman's ranch. Ree Drummond and her family have a huge, and I mean huge, ranch about 30 minutes from my house. We live in the next town from them. I love Ree. I began reading her blog about two years ago and kept thinking to myself how amazingly familiar her landscape photos looked. All of the pictures of her ranch looked just like the farmland around the small town I live in and it was really starting to make me wonder. I finally figured out one day what her name was....Ree Drummond.....the Drummond family. Are you kidding me??? If you know anything about Oklahoma history, you know that the Drummond family owns the largest ranch in Oklahoma. I mean tens of thousands of acres of land. They are the original ranching dynasty. I think that's why I love that she makes fun of herself on her blog...she doesn't sound like a gazillionaire. But she is!
Her cooking is to die for....I would do anything to be able to cook like that.
Last weekend my Mom was feeling housebound because she'd had cataract surgery and had been hanging around the house for a week, so we decided to go on a little drive. We headed northwest and ended up in Pawhuska, a town full of beautiful old houses, some even old Indian mansions. We decided to stop at the Drummond House which is a National Historic Landmark. It is the house that Ree's husband's great-grandparents built in the early 1800's. We toured the house and showed the boys how people lived in the olden days. They thought it was really interesting and couldn't imagine that people lived in houses with no air-conditioning. Trust me when I say my boys would go crazy!
After the Drummond house tour, I told my Mom we were going out to the Drummond Ranch to take a picture. She laughed at me but thought it was a fun idea. I just stopped quickly and jumped out to get the pic. It turned out pretty good though, even though their house is a good 5 miles down the road from the entrance. I would love to meet Ree someday and visit the Lodge, wouldn't you???


The Stain Family said...

Oh, that is fun! Thanks for the history lesson and congrats on your marriage!! :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a very nice day out with your family. I would, however, like to correct you on a few things. 1. The Drummond Home was built in 1905-ish. 2. The Drummond Sign is NOT the entrance into 'The Pioneer Womans' house. The entrance to their house is actually unmarked. The house that is 5 miles up the road from the Drummond Sign belongs to another family member.
3. the most important part....the Drummond family is not the largest land owner in Oklahoma. That award goes to the Mormon Church and Ted Turner.
I apologize but I just wanted to let you know of the errors.
But thank you for visiting my family's ancestors home in Hominy OK.