Friday, April 9, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

The weather has been so nice lately that I couldn't resist buying flowers for the flowerbeds.  I recently scored two urns from Big Lots for only $40.  They are the heavy, large urns that look beautiful on the front porch.  They were a brownish color so I brought them home and used the old standby, black spraypaint, to make them look a little more elegant. 

Lowe's had Boston Ferns on sale so I bought those to put into the urns.  I also bought a swallow fern for a pot on the seating area of the porch.  I think it will look nice next to my favorite peace lily. 

I also found a ton of beautiful purple flowers, pentas, petunias and some others that just looked good.  I'm not even sure I looked at the names-ha!

I also bought two hanging baskets since we have a ton of shephard's hooks leftover from our wedding last summer.  The shephard's hooks might be my solution to having flowers in the backyard without being destroyed by a white boxer named Allie.  I planted three bushes last summer and she promptly dug them up and ate them.  Zero evidence left.  Dogs....sometimes you just have to wonder about them!

We have two soccer games tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be just perfect with a high of 77-I love it!  I bought a red shirt to wear with my Soccer Mom pendant necklace that I made.  Both boys are on teams with the color red.....makes it a little easier on me!

In other exciting news, I'm down 3.8 pounds for the week since signing up for Weightwatchers.  I even feel better.  I did splurge today and meet my friend Jennifer out for Mexican food, but I order the chicken and grilled shrimp with grilled veggies.  It couldn't have been as bad as some of the other stuff on the menu.  Hopefully I can keep myself on track this weekend and stick to the plan, all while chugging tons of water.

I'll post pics of my newly planted flowers tomorrow.

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Dawn said...

Hi! Love meeting other Oklahoma bloggers!

Thanks for sharing about those urns. We have a Big Lots. I'm going to go look for them. I love that you spray painted them.

I just planted flowers on Sunday. I love seeing everything in bloom.