Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The best week!

Guess who went to see the Black-Eyed Peas in concert?
That would be yours truly, Hautemama! 
It was the best concert I've ever seen.  And...that's coming from a girl who was an 80's concert-going fool.  I've seen lots of great concerts, but never a concert that didn't have one boring moment. Not one.
BEP must have spent 10 million dollars on their clothing and sets. 
And....I so want to be Fergie when I grow up!  That woman is phenomenal looking.  She has the best body.  She even inspired me to get on the treadmill two nights in a row.  She looked that good. does a solo in the middle of the concert and he does a club DJ set.  It was awesome! It reminded me of the reason I originally wanted to be a radio DJ.  I adore dance mixes.  Music has always been so important to me!

Here's Fergie and I together in a pic-HA!

Completely random, but really cute pics below:
This is one special puppy!  How bad is it that we put out comfy blankets for her to sleep on.  Hey-it's better than dog hair on my chair.

My friend Nancy gave this adorable frame to Mr. Hautemama.  She knows how he feels about his puppy!

Thought I would share the rock that Small Fry gave me to carry in my purse all the time.  It's just a reminder that he loves me.....that kid just melts my heart!

Spent one evening with good ol' Modge Podge and some cute black and white toile paper

Popped into Dollar General by my office looking for cheap flowerpots and came out with this cute $8 purse...I've gotten compliments everyday so far

Remembered I bought a lazy susan serving thingie at IKEA and never used it. 

Then remembered I had cute striped scrapbook paper and leftover Modge Podge

Now I have a cuter lazy susan serving thingie with stripes! And...I know it's not perfect but I didn't have a ton of looks good in person.

Had a Pier One Imports frame that was a wedding gift and wanted to hang it up but didn't have the right sized pictures, so I framed cute scrapbook paper...voila!

So far....this has been one productive week!  I love weeks like this because I feel like I'm on the ball.  These weeks are pretty rare so I'm enjoying them when they happen!

We even had everyone in the family over for Easter and it was a ton of fun....I'm posting pics tomorrow.

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