Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We made it 2 days without a yellow card

Small Fry had been warned by his oh so strict third grade teacher that he had one more yellow card during his last week of April before he got Saturday school.  Saturday school is when they punish the parents and make the kids come in on Saturday morning from 8 until noon.  I wrote a huge note to the teacher and told her that we had definite plans that couldn't be cancelled if he got Saturday school.  I then begged Small Fry to just sit in class and not talk to anyone unless he set foot on the playground.  PLEASE do not get a yellow card!!!! I was desperate!  I just wanted him to get through April because they start from scratch at the beginning of each month.  Four yellow cards in a month equal Saturday school-ugh!

Well...he made it through the end of April and I was so proud!  He said he just sat in class and didn't talk to anyone.  YAY! That's what I had wanted!

I've been so sick lately that I forgot to remind him to be super good-we only have about 20 days of school left.  Well....what do you know.....he came home today with a stinkin' yellow card.  It never ends!  He said he was trying to help her move an eraser off of the projector that he thought she wanted off and she told him to switch his card to yellow.  He just thought he was being helpful.  So confusing for a child. 

The other day I was talking to a friend from another school district and she said they aren't supposed to give yellow and red cards anymore. It's considered aggressive discipline or something like that.  I'm gonna have to investigate that one!

Speaking of school, my wonderfully civic hubby went to the 8th grade center this morning to present the Teacher of Today and Student of Today award to a few lucky individuals.  It's presented by the local Masonic Lodge and since my hubby is a good Mason, he volunteered to do it.  Cute!!!  He even called me afterward to tell me he did a good job.  I think he was proud of himself.

Totally off subject-loooooved the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I was asleep at 9pm last night and my hubby came in the bedroom and woke me up to watch it.  He knew how important it was for me to see it...and it didn't disappoint.  I love those women!!! I think I'm a little Teresa mixed with a little Caroline.  Teresa is hilarious!  I loved watching them make "the sauce".  I guess an Oklahoma family would sit around breaded cube steak for chicken fried steak or something like that.  Maybe peeling potatoes for fried potatoes.  I wish I was born into an Italian family-the food is soooo much better!

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