Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wicked Weather

Yesterday Oklahoma was hit by some of the worst tornadoes we've seen in the past 5 years. We'd been warned all weekend that it would be a bad day for storms but I really didn't think that 5 people would lose their lives. It started suddenly at about 5pm during rush hour in Oklahoma City, then continued going east towards Arkansas.  I feel so sorry for the people that had to endure this tornado because this is the same area that was close to being hit by the Oklahoma City tornado of 1999.  I heard on the news that some of the injured people were saying they couldn't go through this again. So sad.
We didn't get any bad storms over our area. I'm so thankful for that.  I get really nervous about tornados but I also think they are so interesting.  I took Meteorology in college thinking that would be a fun and interesting class.  Ugh-it was so hard.  I think I got by with a high C.  Not my finest moment in college.  
The worst part was that a girl on the bus with the boys told them a tornado was coming so they were freaking out when they got home.  I had to pull up the radar on the computer to show them that we were ok.  Kids think it's so funny to try to scare their friends.

Other random notes about what's going on in our lives:

-This weather is driving the dogs nuts. They have all kinds of nervous energy. 
 wish they would do more of this.

-Soccer has ended for the season.  T-man's team is tied for first place in U12.  I'm so proud of how far they've come this season.  It's so exciting to watch them work together to make goals.  The boys are learning to be aggressive and push back when the other team is applying pressure on them.  I have to admit, the aggressive competitor in me loves that!
-On that note, why didn't my parents push me to play more sports in school??? I have such an aggressive little girl in me that would have been super competitive if my stupid shyness hadn't gotten in the way. That is one of the great tragedies of my life.  Shyness destroyed many opportunities for me.  If I had only conquered that early on in life.  I'm super outgoing now but deep down inside, I still suffer greatly from shyness and low self-esteem.

-We're looking at soccer camps for the boys to attend this summer.  The local university has a camp that they can attend in June.  We might go with a friend from town.  Hopefully his Mom and I can coordinate car-pooling, which would make it so much easier.

-H-man got a notice at school that his reading score on his Dibels test was at the level that requires him to attend a summer reading academy. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!  I was freaking out about it until I called the principal and he explained that H-man only missed the cut-off by one point. Since his score was so high, we can buy a program at the bookstore to work on at home.  So.....no summer school.  Whew!

-I am so busy at work.  They are starting projects faster than I can get the paperwork done.  But, I've found out something.  I love busy paperwork.  I much prefer being the background person who works on all of the paperwork.  People find that stunning since they think I would be the outgoing person that wants to sell or speak to large groups.  No way!

-I am loving the Real Housewives of New Jersey!!! Teresa is my hero.  I'm buying her new cookbook, Skinny Italian.  Can't wait to try her recipes.

-My Aunt Gail and Uncle Sherrod are coming to Oklahoma City to see the college softball championships in late May.  We're going to go pick them up and hopefully my Mom and her sister can go shopping and have a lot of hanging out time.  That would be so good for my Mom.  I can't wait for the boys to see them, and for them to see how big the boys have gotten.

-The boys and I have been miserable with allergies and sinus junk.  How long can this stuff go on??? I've complained so much on Facebook that one of my high school friends actually emailed me to ask if I was pregnant.  HA! Now that's funny scary!

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