Monday, June 7, 2010

3rd grade Art Show

My little Small Fry loves art.  He took an art class after school this year and worked so hard on perfecting his skills.  At the end of the 3rd grade, all the students get to hang their masterpieces along the hallway and display their talent at the end of the year Art Show.  To better give you an idea of life with Small Fry, this is the conversation he and I had at 6:10pm on the day of the Art Show. He is a certified "mess".  And that's another way in the South to say he's a little Toot and I love him for it!  It makes life interesting!
 It had been a crazy day at work, including someone getting laid off and I was beat. 
 I had started cooking dinner when Small Fry sat down at the bar in the kitchen and said,
 "Mom, our Art Show was tonight and it's over at 6:30." 
I looked at him with horror in my eyes and said,
" What???  You are joking aren't you?"
He said, "Nope, and it's almost over."
I about died!  I yelled for Mr. H and Tater Tot while turning off the burner on the stove and running to the bedroom to throw my work clothes back on.  I had already put on shorts and a tank top with my hair in a clip on top of my head.  UGH!  Thank the Lord, I hadn't washed my makeup off yet!
Well, with a little hustle, we made it at 6:20. Thank Gosh we live only 2 or 3 miles from his school. 
Makes you appreciate small towns and the fact that everything is within 5 miles!

Two more self-portraits....notice the shaggy blonde hair
My 5th grader with his 4th grade teacher, Ms. Hendrix...she's 9 months pregnant and as cute as can be!

Pictures of different climates

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