Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Party for Baylee the Beagle

Our beloved Beagle Baylee Boo recently turned 5 years old.  It seems like it was just yesterday that we brought her home and the boys fell in love.  She's a Beagle so she causes us a little heartburn, as in, running away every two seconds if she's not on a chain in the backyard!  I know it sounds mean, but it's a 50 foot chain so she has the room to roam around the yard and find shade to lounge in during the day.  Beagles follow their noses and it gets them into tons of trouble.  She will literally dig out of the yard and go as far as possible with her nose to the ground.  She doesn't even look for traffic, silly dog!  So, I consider the chain her lifesaver.  Baylee is a super sweet dog and when she decides she wants to cuddle and get her belly rubbed, she'll come right up into your face as close as possible.  It's so cute!

We decided to have her birthday party on an afternoon that her cousin Bella the Boxer would be able to come celebrate with Baylee and her sister Allie the White Boxer.  We bought little tiaras for the girls and made them some special peanut butter dog cookies.  The pups had a great time, even though Baylee's a little shy and didn't like the camera.  It was also the last time we saw Bella pregnant.  She just had her puppies so I'll post them later.  They're adorable!

Get ready for some adorable doggie pics!

Baylee didn't like her tiara at first

Our favorite-peanut butter doggie cookies

Bella - the expectant momma
The Queen Bee - Allie
Small Fry and his birthday girl
Mr. H and Nana
Beautiful boxers

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