Monday, June 14, 2010

Soccer Camp!

This morning was the boys first day at soccer camp at one of the big colleges in the "Big City".  They were so excited last night, running around looking for the perfect shirt to wear and, of course, trying to find that missing chin guard!  It just isn't a soccer mom weekend without searching under beds looking for a chin guard or the other soccer sock. HA!

The unfortunate thing about the camp being this week's supposed to rain Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  We have had about 2 inches of rain since last night!  Yuck!  The boys were excited about the possibility of playing soccer on the football field. Instead, they're inside the big gymnasium that has an artificial turf practice field and then the other side is a rubber matted volleyball facility.  I think they'll really have a great time anyway and they are learning from some of the best soccer coaches around.

I have to admit, I was nervous for them but they just walked right in and made themselves at home.  I'm so thankful the boys have no fear when it comes to sports.  I was such a shy child, I would never have gone into a camp situation at all.  I would have made myself sick dreading it.  Thank you Lord for confident, self aware little boys.

We also have plans to rent the city pool on Friday night but if it's going to be stormy, I'm not sure thats a great idea.  Guess we're going to have to play it by ear!  I need the rain for my yard and flowerbeds, but I really don't need any type of flooding.  We live in a town that's surrounding by a creek which floods all the time.  We need to creek to stay down!

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