Tuesday, January 25, 2011

4th Grade Struggle

Oh how fourth grade is killing me!!!!

Small Fry is struggling so much with his fourth grade year.  Last year we had the teacher nazi and this year I really like his teacher but he is not making the grades I'm expecting.  He seems to be having a hard time grasping the concept of organization.  He hasn't been bringing papers home and has missed several assignments resulting in a zero. I have to go to his school every Thursday to pick him up so that we can actually walk back to his classroom and check his desk, making sure he didn't forget any papers or homework.  I write him a note every week telling him to wear his glasses in class.  His teacher says she hardly ever sees him wearing them.  I feel like I need to sit down next to his desk to watch him all day long.  Ugh. So frustrating!!!

His grades were what I would call middle of the road and his math grade was a D last nine weeks.  It breaks my heart that he knows it's not a grade that we want to see in our house.  I think in his mind, he really is trying and he might be, just not in a way that is resulting in good grades and turned in assignments.

You see, Small Fry is my laid-back, easy going kid.  He doesn't worry about anything.  He is the epitome of my father.  My father was a charismatic, easy going guy.  Never saw him mad a day in my life.  My sweet 9 year old is the same way.  I've always thought this "no worrying" gene was a blessing for Small Fry because  Tater Tot, the 12 year old, is a complete worrier like me.  He worries that he won't make an A on everything.  He puts a tremendous amount of pressure on himself and it shows, as he makes straight A's. 

I don't like to compare my kids because while they are two peas in a pod and best friends, they are complete opposites.  I want them to be individuals and grow into their own person, even if it means holding one of them down and making him do his homework. Ha!

I just can't figure out what to do about Small Fry.  Besides paying $500 to $700 a month on Sylvan Learning Center, I don't know many other options.  By the way, I only work part-time and that's almost more than I make in my little pt job.  Add to that the fact that I very rarely receive child support from the ex.  Not to air my laundry but it's life and what I have to deal with in making financial decisions.  Granted Mr. H and I would spend any amount of money to make sure the boys are successful in school, but my gosh, that's so expensive.  If I do go that route, it better work!

I'm going to spend the next week talking to the teacher, scanning the internet for solutions and racking my brain for ideas.  Help!

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