Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SNOmeggedan Oklahoma 2011

Yesterday we experienced the second blizzard ever in Oklahoma.  Our little town was inundated by 20 inches of snow.  If you know anything about Oklahoma, you know that we never get that much snow.  I think the most I've ever seen is 12 inches and that paralyzed us for a week.  Now we have almost 2 FEET of snow and it's horrible.  They think our schools will be closed for up to 7 school days.  My neighborhood has six foot snow drifts and there's no way my back wheel drive Jeep Cherokee is going to get through that kind of snow.

Most of the snow fell overnight Monday and we woke up to horrible 40 - 50 mile an hour winds.  Overnight about 8 inches fell and it continued to snow throughout the day Tuesday.  It only stopped last night at about 7 or 8pm.

The kids think it's great but Momma is starting to panic.  We are down to 6 rolls of toilet paper!!! Help!

Our back porch- we have the coolest snow drifts.

Outside our front door

Notice the snowdrift almost covering the neighbors van

Allie, our white boxer, is not liking the snow.  She refuses to go out into it to use the bathroom-she's a spoiled puppy

4 ft. snowdrift covering our front flowerbed

The kids made snow tunnels for the first time in their lives...we've never had this much snow.

A lot of Xbox Live is being played while we are housebound. 

Thats a 10 foot basketball goal!

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Michelle said...

I hope your family stays safe & warm.