Saturday, February 19, 2011

Basketball, Brooms and Big Test

Basketball was the first order of business this morning.  We had a game in Collinsville, playing our last game of the tournament we're in this week.  We lost our game by two points, but the boys did such a great job.  We're finally figuring out how to pass to teammates and work together to score points.  I think they've done terrific, considering they're only 9 years old!

We picked Small Fry's teammate Matthew and took him to the game for his parents.  He came home with us after the game to play for a while.  Luckily, my mountain bike was in the garage so he was able to ride bikes with the boys.  They had a ball riding around the neighborhood.  Matthew lives in the country so he doesn't get to ride a bike very much.  He loved scooting around our small little neighborhood.  I guess it's more fun doing tricks and stuff on the cement instead of gravel and dirt. 

While the boys were outside playing, I did some deep cleaning.  The snow storm last week has resulted in a ton of sand being brought into the house.  I love to walk around the house barefoot and that sand drives me nuts.  It just seems that I can't keep up with the amount being brought in with the boys shoes. 

I swept and mopped the entire house and even went outside into the garage and swept the sand out.  That's the only thing bad about using sand to melt the snow on the roads.

Tater Tot accomplished something terrific last night.  He had been attending a soccer referee class this past week, three hours a night.  He's really enjoyed it and learned so much.  Last night was the qualifying test and he passed.  He's now an official recreational soccer referee!  He'll start on the 4-5 year olds games and progress into older games as he gets more experience.  He'll make $8 a game and is so excited to have his first real job!  I'm so proud of him!   

Mr. H was out of town today for a Masonic event and just got home.  He's watching a basketball Slam Dunk contest in the living room with Tater Tot and I can hear them yelling everytime someone does a great dunk.  It's hilarious!  Small Fry and I have been in the bedroom watching Ghost Hunters.  I have no idea why but he loves Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters.  It doesn't scare him at all.  He just thinks its funny and they probably stage everything on the show. But, nonetheless, we watch it everytime it's on.

I'm catching up on my blogs, trying to get my March menu plan done and making sure everything we have scheduled is in my planner for the next couple of weeks.  Springs coming and with it, a ton of activities.

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Michelle said...

You've been a busy lady! You should post your March menu, I'm in a rut and need ideas.