Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter can go away now!

I'm seriously tired of Winter. As in, it can go away now. It started snowing yesterday morning and has snowed off and on for the past 24 hours. I missed work Monday and Tuesday, which was fine with me because I was able to spend time with the boys and get laundry done. By the way, does laundry ever get done? I wonder how OCD women feel about laundry. Do they go crazy because it'll never be done? As soon as they put up the final folded clothes, the kids have the clothes they're wearing in the dirty clothes hamper. It's a never-ending cycle. Do they literally go nuts trying to finish it all? Thank God my hubby is sweet and doesn't put any pressure on me to keep the house together and the laundry done. I do enough of that to myself. Back to the winter....I hate it and I need sun. I need sunshine, happy people, flip-flops, sandals, cute t-shirts. I need to see my cute little guys with sun on their faces because they look adorable with a little tan. I need to feel like my leg aren't glowing and actually look a slight brown color. It's especially hard in the winter because my Mom has a hard time walking on ice and snow since she struggles anyway with walking. I can't take her to the doctor when the weather's bad because it's too hard on her. I can't wait 'til Spring solely for that reason. I'm ready for Soccer season to start and to be able to sit in the stands outside. That's much better than walking fast into a basketball auditorium when it's 18 degrees outside. This has got to be one of the worst winters we've had besides the year we had a blizzard. That was the worst officially. I think I become some sort of hermit when it's wintertime. I don't want to go out in any way. I don't want to go grocery shopping, shopping in general, or out to eat, and that's pretty bad for me. At least we only have about a month and a half. Hopefully.

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