Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter Sunday. Jim's Mom, Stepdad, Dad, Sister and Brother all came over to eat a big meal with us. We had ham, turkey, green beans with new potatoes and deviled eggs. Then the really bad part - the milk chocolate flavored bunny cake. Oh, the bunny cake! It called me all day long. I think I must have eaten half the cake, not really, but it feels like it! The bunny cake is a tradition in our family. My Mom and I have made it every year since I was born, I think. Don't you love traditions?

The boys were with their Daddy this weekend so I actually made the cake with my Mom. I hated that the boys missed the experience this year, but really eating it is the part they love. They like decorating the face too, but sneaking bites of the icing is the main objective for them.

We found a new ingredient for the making of the Easter bunny cake - pink colored edible grass from Germany. We used it for the whiskers. Fun! The other parts were just colored Lifesaver Jellybeans.

Here's how you make the Easter Bunny Cake:

Bake two 9" round cakes- any flavor you like

When the cakes are cooled, cut two little ear parts

I hope this illustration helps. You have to imagine the lines a little more curved. The middle part is to be used for the bowtie underneath the face of the bunny. The ears go on top of the face of the bunny as ears. FUN!!!

Then use a container of any white icing. Spread icing onto the entire cake. I didn't put icing on the sides of the was getting late....I was getting lazy. If you like coconut, you can sprinkle shredded coconut onto the cake as the bunny fur. It's super cute!

Use jellybeans for the eyes, nose and to surround the bowtie. I used the edible grass or you can use Twizzlers for the bunny whiskers.
Voila! The finished product! It might not be the prettiest, but it tasted pretty darn good. And, the boys thought it was so cool!

I made Tyler and Hunter each a fun little basket with a few goodies. My favorite was the chicken that pooped out little gumballs. Just the perfect little toy for a boy!

I even bought my Mom a package of Lindor Truffles! Can you say YUM!?

After dinner, we all moved into the living room.....aka...the Wii performance arena. Josh, my brother-in-law didn't know what hit him when we started playing tennis. I almost beat him! I play some mean tennis on the Wii. The guys also boxed. My arms hurt too much when I try to box. Guess I have weak arms, huh?


The Stain Family said...

Fun! Love the bunny cake tutorial...what a fun tradition. I'm excited to hear the story of your son's birth and palsy condition. Isn't it funny how a little thing like blogging can make such a difference?

Hautemama said...

Blogging would have made my life as a stay-at-home Mom so much less lonely too!