Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Serious Diet Time

I went to the doctor today and when the nurse took my blood pressure it was....150/111. She took it three more times wondering if I was nervous. It didn't change. That scared me so bad. My family has a huge history of heart disease and high blood pressure. My Mom had a sister that died at the age of 29 from a stroke. My Dad had four heart attacks and open heart surgery on my 16th birthday. That was one of the most traumatics events in my life. The first time I went back to see him after his surgery, he was on a ventilator and couldn't talk. Instead, when he saw me a tear rolled down his face. It was completely heartbreaking.

For about ten years now, I've fought with my weight. In college, I ran 4 miles a day and was the healthiest I've ever been. Granted, I had more time to exercise but I also put exercise and eating healthy above all else. When I had my first baby, I weighed 135 lbs. at my 6 week post partum appointment. After finding out that my son's right arm was paralyzed and it was a life-long disability, I spiraled into a deep depression. The first 2 months of my son's life, I suffered from extreme insomnia. When I called the OB's nurse and asked what to do, she said to make a mixture of warm milk with sugar and vanilla and drink as much as I felt like drinking late at night while I was up. Guess what? It worked great but packed the pounds on. I discovered that eating late at night also makes you go to sleep. And, being a stay-at-home mom doesn't help with the waistline. I would eat my toddler's extra food or just run through the drive thru because it was easier than going into the restaurant with a baby or small child.

Now is the time for me to get serious.

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