Friday, April 3, 2009

Haircolor dilemma

A while back I decided I was tired of my highlighted hair and I was going to go back to my natural color. Only problem, I haven't seen it in many, many years. My last haircolor creation was to put three different colors together to create lowlights and highlights. At least, that's the jargon my sweet hairdresser told me. I had brown and red, with some blonde highlights. I really liked the color but was getting sick of how frizzy and dull my hair looked with the highlights. (I have no idea if highlights really make your hair look frizzy, but that's how I felt. Sorry highlight haired friends out there.) Every time I would see a picture of someone with dark hair, their hair looked so shiny and healthy. One example of really adorable dark hair is on the Stain Family blog. I love her hair, so shiny and the color looks so rich! She makes me want to cut my hair actually, but that's for another entry.

So...I had my hairdresser dye my hair a dark red. It looked pretty good, a real rich auburn. The only problem was that where my blonde highlight was, the red was fading out and turning Fuschia! Eeek! So I called Katie, my hairdresser back and told her we had to color over the Fuschia. She put a really rich dark brown color over it. At first, it was REALLY dark and I was kind of shocked to look at myself. But it actually matched my brown eyes so I thought it was ok.

Now that my real haircolor is starting to grow, I've discovered that my hair isn't as dark as I originally thought. It's growing in a dark ash blonde. UGH! Now what do I do?


The Stain Family said...

Thank you for the kind compliment. All you need for a cute short "do" is a good hairdresser! ;)

BTW, the pic of your hair looks really good. Wasn't sure if that was the pic you liked or didn't like??

Hautemama said...

It's the pic that I like. At least my hair looks decently shiny and healthy!