Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Duggar Weekend

This past weekend my best friend in the world came to visit us. We’ve been friends for almost twenty years and we’re just like sisters.

Becky and awesome husband Bobby

The only difference is that while I stopped birthing beautiful little children at number 2, she continued on…and on….and on. Until finally at 5 kids, she decided that was enough. Actually after the fourth boy, she finally had a girl! And by girl I mean the most adorable, sweetest little princess in the world, a princess with 4 older brothers. Becky’s kids range in age from 13 to 3 ½. You couldn’t meet a better group of children. They are the most laid back and kindest kids in the world. The really cool thing is how the oldest one takes care of the youngest. Her oldest Lucas really watches out for the baby girl in the group. It’s adorable.

Becky’s second oldest had a basketball tournament in the big city 30 minutes from our house so they stayed with us. Getting to save the cost of a hotel room for 2 nights was definitely worth the 30 minute drive to town everyday for the tournament.

I was so excited for them to show up. They had never been to our new house and I was anxious for us all to get to sit around talking and catching up on the goings on in our lives.

They arrived late Friday night due to the 3 hour drive from their house. We made cots on the floor and tried to figure out where all of the kids would be sleeping. Four in the twin bunk beds and one on the floor of my little man’s room. Becky and her husband Bobby would sleep together in the twin bed in H-man’s room. It sounded cramped to me but I guess that way they could snuggle.

The morning after their arrival, I got up earlier than Becky and went in the kitchen to figure out what to make the kids for breakfast. I had the brilliant idea of making pancakes. We had half a bottle of syrup so we were good. Well, I guess I’m so used to cooking for four that I forgot a half a bottle of syrup with 6 little boys and one little girl doesn’t go very far. I started supplementing with Cinnamon Toast as the syrup was being used up. Everybody got a few pancakes and piece of toast and all was good with the world.

Becky and her family went to the basketball tournament on Saturday and we went to the boy’s soccer game. I knew I better get to Wal-mart or we wouldn’t have anything to eat with all 11 people home that night. Have you ever tried to figure out how to cook in bulk when you aren’t used to it? It’s a hard task. I couldn’t think of anything to cook so I started thinking about all the Duggar episodes I’ve watched. What would Michelle Duggar do? She would make something simple…..hmmm….CHILI! That was the answer!

I scooted around Wal-mart getting all the ingredients for chili. I bought 6 pounds of ground beef so we would have extra at home for another meal. Fritos for Frito chili pie and a pound of shredded cheese. I knew that would be plenty.

Well, they didn’t get home until later that night so they ate in the big city. We all played the Wii when they returned. Have you ever seen a 5 year old box on the Wii? So funny! Carson was really into boxing Victor, the Wii opponent. The look on his face was priceless. After all the grown-ups finished catching up and watching the kids play Wii, we went to bed around midnight.

When we woke up the next morning, I fixed the kids Cinnamon Toast again because they loved it the night before. After I had stood at the toaster oven for about 40 minutes, Becky asked me how long I planned on standing there toasting 4 slices at a time. She said the way to cook for a ton of kids was to use a cookie sheet and the broiler. I had never thought of that! I had been standing at the toaster forever. Long enough to use up almost a loaf of bread. Guess I should use my brain next time and get it done a ton faster.
I have to admit that I loved having all of those kids around. There is a part of me that could totally go the Duggar way. Maybe not 18 kids, but having the seven wasn't so bad. It was fun and a ton of activity. I can imagine that when you have 7 kids, there is always someone around, someone to talk to, a playmate. Pretty good concept if you ask me. It made me realize just how organized the Duggars really have to be to keep their lives moving along and not in complete chaos.
For now, I'll just take the two little pumpkins I've got. They are the perfect amount and the perfect kids. It's all I need.

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