Thursday, September 2, 2010

$346 Electric Bill & A New Job

Today started out perfect with a pounding rain and stormy skies.  In Oklahoma during the month of August, we love rain.  Rain helps the poor burnt and brown grass to recover a bright green again.  It helps to revive my sad flowerbed with the Clematis vine which has already died from the heat bouncing off of our brick house.  I decided in Spring to put in some sun loving Lantana and they have completely taken off.  They loved the 110 degree heat index for three solid weeks in a row.  Me? Not so much! The Lantanas have actually overshadowed the other plants that the heat killed.  HA!

The other good news was that I got a part-time job that I can work during school hours. YAY!  I actually didn't even go for an interview for this job.  I'm going to be the receptionist at my insurance agent's office.  He knows that I am a former financial advisor and I just want an easy stress-free job right now. So, he gets someone that understands the financial services industry and I get an easy job.  I'm super excited and hope it really turns out to be a good opportunity for me.  I'm only working three days a week and only during the hours the boys will be in school.  This takes away a ton of the guilt I would have had if I'd accepted a full-time position. 

I interviewed for a full-time job last week that one of my husbands co-workers had passed on to me.  It was a Land Technician job and they required at least three years land experience in the oil and gas industry.  I have less than a year and just knew I'd never hear from them again after I went to the interview.  Well, today they called and wanted a second interview with me.  I told the lady that I decided I didn't want to work full-time.  When I went for the interview, everyone was really nice but very quiet.  I'm not a quiet type of person.  I mean, I'm not obnoxious but I like to see people smiling when I walk in an office.  I would much rather work in an office with happy people than quiet, boring people.  That would kill me!

The only bad news for the day was the electric bill.  Our bill this month is $346.  That's the most it's ever been and I'm wondering if it's because the boys and I are home all day.  The boys have a bad habit of coming in and out  I can't blame them.  It was super hot this past month.  Looks like it's time to start putting the A/C on 80 degrees and trying to keep the lights off.  Mr. H was not very happy about the bill.  It's Ramen Noodles for us in September! HA!

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