Thursday, November 11, 2010


This Fall has been super busy so far.  We've finished out the soccer season and just have one game left for each of the boys.  Tater Tot's team is tied for 2nd place and Small Fry's team is in 1st place. 
We had a great Halloween a couple of weeks ago.  The boys dressed up as a scooter guy and a football player.  We walked around with our friends Sam and Brittany.  Their parents own a local fast food restaurant that is so good and they had the kids come by and get something to eat before trick or treating.  It was a great treat for the boys.  They had corn dogs and ice cream cones, who could beat that?!

We took the dogs trick or treating too! They loved seeing all of the kids running around the neighborhood.

Our white Boxer Allie and my brother-in-laws boxer Bella-cute cousins!

My brother-in-law Josh, my amazingly beautiful niece Taylor and my sweetie!

Look at my niece-she is gorgeous and we will be keeping her in the house from now on since she is quickly turning into a stunner at 13.  I feel sorry for the future boyfriends having to go through the grilling from her uncles.

The leaves are turning in our area of northeastern Oklahoma and it is stunning.  I love living in our small town because we have some huge hills right to the north of us.  The colors on that hill are so gorgeous!  I'm going out to take pictures this afternoon.

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