Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This past weekend was full of boys, boys, boys!  Tater Tot had his best friend Braden spend the night on Friday night.  The boys were so excited they were bouncing off the walls.  We took them to eat at everyone's favorite, IHOP, and then Mr. H took us all to Best Buy.  He wanted to surprise the boys and buy one of the video games they had been looking at buying.  It's one of those war games that I really don't like at all but all the boys think it's awesome.  I really can't say much about war stuff since my brother is a Retired Colonel.  I just don't like guns of any kind at all.  Yuck. They scare me.

The boys stayed up playing the XBox with Mr. H pretty late and the bad part was that we had to get up early in the morning for Tater Tot's soccer game.  They won the game, their last one of the season.  It makes me sad when soccer season ends, I just love all my soccer mom friends that I sit with and chat about who-knows-what.  We've all been together on the same team so long that we've gotten pretty close.  I love it!   We stayed at the fields and watched our nieces' game too, which she won! Yay!

Braden had such a good time at our house that he asked his parents to stay on Saturday night too!  I didn't mind because I just love Braden to death.  He's the sweetest kid and I have so much fun watching the boys goof around.  They are a pair, that's for sure!  It makes me so happy too that they always include little brother, Small Fry, in all the action.  That's a good big brother, if you ask me!

Sunday, the boys and I went into town to check out a sports bar and grill that we are thinking about having Mr. H's 40th birthday party at in December.  It's a big birthday so we want to have fun celebrating.

So far we have something planned almost every night in December, I have no idea how I'm going to swing it.  We are gonna be super tired come Christmas!

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Bobby said...

So which bar & grill were you visiting for Mr. H's 40th Birthday party? I will be 40 in a year and I have been contemplating about that party. I want to learn to play the guitar or something like that to showcase for my 40th Birthday. I don't know what though, I am still working on it.