Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm worn out

These last 2 weeks have been the busiest I've ever experienced in my life. 
First, it was my hubby's 40th birthday, which involved a birthday dinner and then meeting friends at one of the local small town bars to listen to a really great band, Imzadi.  We don't usually go to bars at all but had heard that the band was great.  And...they were terrific!  I can now go a very long time without ever sitting in a nasty smoky bar.  Ugh.  I'd rather be home with my babies.

The family birthday dinner was actually a dinner for my hubby and our oldest, Tater Tot, who turned 12.  He invited his best friend Braden to go to Dave and Busters with us.  The food was really good, although super expensive, and the kids loved playing the arcade games.  We met all of Mr. H's family and had a great time.

Mr. H with his sister, brother, Momma and Stepdad

Mr H with his Dad, sister and brother - we are blessed that Mr. H's whole family celebrates together, Dad and Stepdad

Mr. H and Me!  What a cute 40 year old!

The whole table

Tater Tot, his buddy and his little brother

A couple of nights after the family dinner, we celebrated Mr. H's Masonic Installation as Worshipful Master, which means he's the President of the organization.  In other words, he's going to be a very busy man in the next year.  They are in charge of tons of charitable activities involving the public schools, etc. 
For the installation, we were in charge of putting on a dinner for 100 people.   Instead of stressing out about it, we just had it catered by a local bar-b-que place called Mac's.  They were so good and there was hardly any food left!  I'm just glad it all went smoothly, including the actual installation ceremony.  I know Mr. H was proud it went well.

The Worshipful Master

The Officers

I'm now spending my time trying to get everything mailed, wrapped, and ready for Christmas.  First, I need to take a nap!


Melessa said...

Congrats to Mr. H! I'm the Mother Advisor of our lodge Rainbow assembly and we served the punch and cake at our new Master's installation last Sat.

Hautemama said...

The Rainbow girls served the dinner and cake at our installation. They are a great group of girls in Owasso, OK.

Michelle said...

You have been super busy! My husband is also a Mason and Shriner, great organzations!

Hautemama said...

Finally some women who know what I mean when I say I'm a Mason, York Rite, Scottish Rite widow! HA! They are a great group of people- I love all the people involved.