Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Sweet 12 Year Old Miracle

My wonderful, sweet first born officially turned 12 years old yesterday.  The last year of the preteens! 
I cannot even put into words what this child means to me.  He is everything I ever hoped and dreamed that he would be at 12.  He's bright, clever, smart, sensitive, caring, athletic, empathetic and has a great head on his shoulders.  He also loves his Momma with all his heart and that's really the most important thing to me. 

You see...this child is a miracle.
He was injured during the birth process and his right arm was completely paralyzed.  We started physical therapy when he was two days old and I prayed and prayed for a miracle.  His arm had no movement at all until he was five months old, when his Grandma put him on a prayer list and he miraculously raised his arm the next morning. 
God touched him in a special way so that he could go through life doing wonderful things. 
I truly believe he will. 
He's already put joy in my life that I never could have imagined before having children.
He showed me the meaning of true love and absolute contentment.
I love you Big Man!  Happy 12th Birthday! 

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Margie Brown said...

Very sweet words to your son! I need to focus on my kids strengths instead of their weaknesses so I can raise them up...not put them down! Thanks for your post!