Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great Flood of 2012

Sunday night the weathermen mentioned that storms might form and we were under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch. The chances of rain were 30%. I went to bed about 11pm when I heard it starting to rain pretty heavy outside. I was excited because it was good sleeping weather. I ended up not going to sleep so I looked at the radar on my phone and Pinterest. I noticed that the storms weren't moving away from our area and just seemed to be back building on top of themselves. The lightening and thunder were very intense. I finally fell asleep about 12:30 and slept for a while until the phone rang at 2:15am. It was my Mom and she told my hubby that she woke up and smelled something sulphur smelling in her house. She said she walked into the kitchen and there was water on the floor. We immediately jumped up and drove to her house, or attempted to at least. The roads were all flooding and had rushing water on them. This was one of the worst rainstorms I'd ever seen. When we got to her house, I wasn't sure if we could pull into her driveway, the rain was making a river in her yard. My Mom has a small creek beside her house that has never, in 17 years, come close to the house. We couldn't see grass in her yard, only water. We walked in the house and this is what we saw. We were stunned and the sulphur smell was horrible. It smelled almost like sewer and a burning smell combined. We called the fire department and asked them to come make sure we didn't have a fire in the house. They got there and checked everything out. When the fire chief arrived, he told me, "If the house isn't burning, we have to go. We are so busy." Luckily, everything was ok, just flooded. They turned off the breaker, which I would never have thought to do. The kitchen, laundry room, garage, dining room, and the back part of the living room were all flooded. It was so sad for my Mom, who has Parkinsons Disease and doesn't handle stress very well at all. We just locked up the house and took her to ours to sleep for the rest of the night. The restoration company we called came out the next morning early and started pulling everything up. I guess now my Mom will get new carpet, tile, paint and baseboards. It will seem like a new home. That's the only thing I can think of to make this seem ok. Thank God for FEMA Flood Insurance.

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Michelle said...

I'm so sorry, hope the restoration goes well.