Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday full of nothing

I feel like I've done nothing today. I've done laundry and that's about the most I've accomplished. See what happens when they have a Real Housewives reunion?!

I washed the comforters on our bed and that's been on my to-do list for a while. There's nothing like sleeping on a completely clean bed, especially when we have a Boxer and a Beagle that sleep on our feet every night.

I called and checked on my Mom this morning, as usual. I told her I'd spent the night before on the computer researching more Parkinson's Disease websites. I try to explain to my Mom about what's going on with her since this is a new diagnosis. She's having a very hard time understanding the disease and what's going on with her. I feel bad that she just can't understand what's going on. She constantly tells me that her brain isn't talking to her body for some reason.

I have a day filled with taking her to another doctor tomorrow. Those days always wear her out so much. I hope it's an easy day for us.

We need to have her feeling good next Friday because we have Barry Manilow tickets. We're so excited!!! I've seen him a ton of times and he's awesome!!!

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